The look

I’ve been sick. Cold/flu symptoms. 

So I worked from home today. Around 2:30, I ran out of drugs, and I realized I hadn’t left the apartment all day. So I gathered up Gertie and my pocketbook and off I went to CVS. 

I didn’t think too much about my appearance until I saw the look.

I’m sure I’ve given the look before. It starts with the feet and it goes all the way up to the head. 

The look was attached to a smartly dressed business professional. I tried to imagine myself through her eyes.

On my feet: an old pair of Birkenstock suede clogs, paired with black argile trouser socks. Pants: A pair of black, capri yoga pants with a hot pink skull and cross bones on the butt. Shirt: Blue fleece jacket. Face: Absolutely no makeup, glasses and I’m sure my nose was bright red. Hair: crazy town.

Good grief. I was a wreck. 

She didn’t know me. Didn’t know I have a nice job, live in a nice place and have a nice dog (who was in the car), but from outward appearances, I looked like a crazy person. I’m sure of it. 

And I didn’t care.

In fact, it was kind of nice not to care.

Pass the tissues, please…


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