New friends in new places

Ah…Texas. A big state with a big heart and a big attitude. You either love it or you hate it, but you can’t deny its existence. I just returned from a conference of the nations’ features editors. It was very inspiring, and a little dismal, considering the state of the industry. But the conference was great. I met some very talented writers and editors, and was surrounded with peeps who like me, can spend hours contemplating the future of the newspaper industry — one of my favorite topics.

There was plenty of talk of how new media including blogging, video and yes, even short form blogging such as twitter will impact this biz.

Other highlights including meeting new friends. Ironically, I had to go all the way to Houston to meet her. The most awesome dating blogger/columnist/journalist for the KC Star. Think Carrie Bradshaw but a  bazillion times funnier and smarter…

Enjoyed some good food, great margaritas, excellent speakers, a fabulous hotel and just when I thought my conference experience couldn’t get any better, we ended it with a poolside fashion show featuring Chloe Dao of Project Runway and her fall line. 

And finally, I’m home. It’s good to be back. Gertie started growing in her fur coat while I was gone. I hope she didn’t think I wouldn’t be around to snuggle with….

The boyfriend didn’t grow in a fur coat, but it’s still nice to see him…

Over and out.

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