Question for those with nose rings. How do you keep the metal thingy from poking out? This is rather embarrassing as it looks like you have a metal booger sticking out of your nose.

As flu and cold season approaches, I want to be well prepared to tackle any and all items sticking out of my nose and most especially those hanging onto any unnatural objects that may be in their way.

This post so spoils any illusions of me being a punk rock chick.


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  1. I have a barbell instead of a screw. The person who pierced me recommended I not go with a barbell because if it gets yanked out it can tear the piercing channel, but I am constantly, CONSTANTLY loosing nose screws. This seems to be the only thing that will stay in for any amount of time, and the edge doesn’t stick out of my nostril, so I’m happy. good luck!

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