Slumber Party

A while back I called my Aunt Nancy. It was around 3 in the afternoon.

Me: Hey! What are you up to?

AN: Oh Hi! I’m at a slumber party? [Aunt Nancy is in her 60s.]

Me: A what?

AN: A slumber party with my girlfriends. [This part didn’t surprise me, but the time of day caught me off gaurd.]

Me: Um, Ok. But Aunt Nancy, it’s 3 in the afternoon. I thought slumber parties started at night.

AN: Oh, we’ve been going since 10 a.m. We went shopping, then we went out to lunch and now we are playing bridge.

Me: What’s next?

AN: Wine and soup!!! And we rented that movie “The Other Bolyn Sister. ” So we are going to watch that.

Me: Wow. I don’t know what to say.

AN: Oh, gotta go, we are starting a new round of bridge.

I love Aunt Nancy. She’s perfect.

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