Where’s the party at?!

To demonstrate her true PARTY ANIMAL, Gertie decided she needed to go above and beyond.

And I can respect that.

So, we are at the boyfriend’s parents’ house. Who live next to the boyfriend’s brother. And the boyfriend’s brother has a puppy named Lily. (Gertie and Lily are alerady BFF.) Oh, yeah, I should mention the week that Gertie spent with the boyfriend’s parent’s when we went to Disneyland.

So the point is Gertie knows the joint.

And we are all over at the brother’s house, watching the sucky Chiefs. The boyfriend’s mom comes over and tells me she left Gert over at her place.

That’s fine. I mean, Gertie has had two walks and played for an hour with Lily. Not to mention all the humans she was loved by.

So I didn’t think anything of it.

Until the boyfriend’s dad exclaims “Gertie!”



Somehow she had gotten out the sliding door, hopped a fence and found us all next door.

Well, I guess it’s not a party until Gertie arrives.


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