Operation Lady Luck

The players: Justin and Stephanie

The Mission: With each player contributing $5, gamble to win enough money ($30) to go see this production of Rent — spin $10 into $30 for two tickets.

The Location: Harrahs Kansas City

The Strategy: A game was selected. In this case, roulette. (My pick because it’s my favorite.) Game was to be played one $5 chip at a time until winnings earned. Our bets were pretty safe — odds, evens, reds or blacks. We learned pretty quickly that anything more risky was, well, more risky.

The Outcome: After 15 minutes of roulette, we’d been up $5, down $5, several times. And speaking of time, it was running out. So a new strategy was devised based on the deadline (7 p.m. show.) Go to the slots. At this point, we were up $5, so now we were playing with a total of $15. We picked our $1 slot machine and started betting max. (Justin informed me there was no time to crank out regular bets. I just wanted to pull the lever, but I settled on the button.) Low and behold, we hit the jackpot! The big $30 showed up on our screen. People around us probably thought we won big based on our reaction, but in our hearts, we had won big. We immediately cashed out and ran to the theater.

The Lesson: Upon our arrival, Justin immediately knew something was up. The kid at the counter didn’t know what we were talking about when we asked purchase our tickets for the 7 p.m. show. Inside we learned that the show had actually aired at noon. And suddenly we were out of luck.

So the moral of the story is, you can bet, you can win, but you always risk losing out. And speaking of gambles, if the U.S. Government wants to borrow the Justin and Stephanie strategy of tripling money, we are happy to lend our experience to the cause. Just don’t come running to us when your movie isn’t showing.


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2 responses to “Operation Lady Luck

  1. Jay

    Steph, that is so not FAIR!!!
    So, what did you do with your winnings?
    Perhaps you could put it towards “rent”. 🙂

  2. I really should have put it toward Ernie. But no, we enjoyed a nice dinner and Margaritas together.

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