Update on eeeeeeeeee

At lunch I went home to let Gertie out . (I’m meeting the dog sitter extroidainaire — Ging– and J for late birthday Margaritas after work!!!)

So Gertie is doing her thing, which is stalling out for the most possible walk before she does her business. But I have outsmarted her. Mwahahaha. I have found a special place even she can’t resist.

This place requires that I walk by the office to get back home. The maintenance man (Scott, if you are reading –the one you think is hot.) comes out and asks me if I’m going straight to my car after my walk.

First thought: Oh crap. Did I park in someone else’s spot? (Why do I always think I’m in trouble?!)

Me: Um, yeah.

MM: Cool, well I’ll come out and fix your belt. Meet you at your car.

Me: Stuttering a little. Um, awesome!?

Sure enough, he sprayed some stuff on it and squeaking stopped.

Have I mentioned how much I love my apartment?

Yah, sorry Ernie. No dollars for you.

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