What’s next? Star Trek? Comic Books?

The boyfriend told me last night I may be becomming a nerd. I’m possibly fine with this status. I was already a dork, and possibly a geek, so nerd is just another addition to my stellar personal resume, right?

But Stephanie, you are so girly. How is this possible?

Well, that’s true. There are quite a few non-nerd aspects:

  1. I love to shop and love fashion.
  2. I love all things pop culture and stay up to date on my celeb gossip.
  3. I can be found sipping a martini at local hot spots.
  4. My makeup bag is so big, I actually have to have a travel makeup bag when I travel.
  5. To date, my book case has consisted mainly of chick lit, girly magazines and knitting books, with some Harry Potter sprinkled in for fun.

But recently, some things have changed….let’s take a look:

  1. I went to a gamer event and had fun.
  2. I read an entire series of vampire books and then spent an hour looking for more vampire books at Barnes and Noble.
  3. Yesterday, I bought my first sci-fi book. And I’m loving it.
  4. I might play Dungeons and Dragons after I read this.
  5. Did you see this?!

None of this is appalling to me. I think it’s good to open your mind to new things. But I have to draw the line somewhere. Really, we don’t want this to get out of control. So here it is:

  1. I will not get into comic books. They don’t interest me. Yes, I admitted to the boyfriend that my favorite comic growing up was Family Circus. (I didn’t admit Cathy to him. That might have been too much to handle.)
  2. I will not become a trekky.
  3. I will never give up designer jeans and stilettos. Nor will I forgo having 4 shades of pink lip gloss in my bag at one time.
  4. I will stay up-to-date on Brit Brit, reality TV stars and the must-have bags for the season.
  5. No matter how many fantasy or sci-fi characters I read about, Bridget Jones will always be number one to me.

Nerddome, you are alright with me.

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