Boomer’s first outside potty

Meet Justin:

Meet Justin’s new puppy, Boomer:

Now imagine, if you will, the following scene.

Justin and Stephanie taking a walk in a popular K.C. metro park with their two dogs. (Oh, here’s Gertie, just so you can get a better picture here)

Only Boomer isn’t really walking in front of Justin, more like exactly behind Justin. So the procession is Gertie, Stephanie, Justin, Boomer.

A man walks by and does a double take. He assesses the situation.

Man to Justin: Woo, you two need to switch dogs. That just doesn’t look right.

Me: Snicker, giggle

Justin: Well, you know. This dog is the biggest chick magnet in the park.

Man: Well, I guess you have a point there.

And he did, really. No less than 10 hot girls came up to Justin to fawn all over Boomer. I practically had to take Gertie to therapy after that walk. Not to mention that Boomer got all sorts of praise for his first poo outside. Gertie was all, I did a much bigger poo over there and I got nothing. What gives?!



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