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Getting attached…

If you’ve been following my love life, you may have noticed that I’ve been seeing the boyfriend for more than two months now. And while my feelings for him are obvious to anyone around us, the thing is, I’m getting attached — to his friends and family.

We already have nine friends in common on Facebook. His friends. Because the boyfriend is a great person, obviously, he has great friends. And we’re both really social folk, so we enjoy spending time with all these people. (Don’t worry, this isn’t a one-way friend street. He’s gotten to know my eclectic bunch too. In fact, we have a trip to L.A. next month to visit Shannon and then Stephanie is coming to visit for my birthday.) 

But see, now I’m getting more involved, making plans to spend girly time with new friends on my own, texting, Facebooking and in general, embracing the friendships. 

Since dating is all new to me, this is the first time I’ve had to face this issue in a long time? How do you enjoy the new friendships without worrying what happens to them if the relationship should cease to exist?

I’ve been through this with my divorce, but thankfully, I only lost a few friends in the deal, but I gained my own closer friendships. It hurt, but oh well. My friends rock.

So I guess when you are dating someone and his friends, you just have to trust everyone. You can’t hold back because you might get hurt. But if anyone has any thoughts on this matter, I’d love to hear them.


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Memo to…

As tempting as it may be, I’m going to refrain from writing memos to/from my body parts. There is only one blogger that can pull that off.

Instead, I offer you a memo to Hy-Vee Grocery Store.

To: Hy-Vee in Mission, Kan.

From: JustQuirky

Re: Salad Bar

Dear Hy-Vee,

I love having your now-under-construction grocery store so close to my work. It makes it so handy to swing by after work for odds and ends or grab some pita and hummus to bring to a friend’s house when I’ve completely forgotten to prepare something. I don’t even mind your crazy parking lot or the fools who walk around looking for the entrance when it is clearly marked “entrance open 24-hours while under construction.”

Nor will I hold a grudge for the slightly wet floor this spring that caused me to slip and fall in front of a hot guy as I entered your store. I’ve sucked up the humiliation of that moment in order to return again and again to buy my last-minute grocery goods.

It’s not your fault you reside on the Kansas side and I can’t buy wine or booze. You do have a nice assortment of mixers and that at least saves me a third stop on my way home. And you try, like all good Kansas stores with your 3.2 beer, and I appreciate that gesture.

But what gets me. What really, really gets me. Is your salad bar. Oh, sure, it’s oozing with veggies and condiments galore so that I can load up my killing-the-earth plastic to-go container with my fooling-myself healthy salad –the cheese and ranch dressing piled high. In that aspect, it truly delivers.  But Hy-Vee in Mission, Kan., do you really think I’m stupid? With rising gas prices leading to rising grocery prices, did you really think I wouldn’t notice your sneaky little trick?

You leave the vegetables in such large chunks, I’m not even sure you chop them at all. This causes stupid people (not me, of course. never.) to pile more  on because they  don’t really know how much cauliflower, mushrooms (was that whole portabella I put on my salad?!) cucumber, celery (I swear it was a whole stalk) and broccoli they are getting. These vegetables in their chunk form obviously weigh more, causing the salad to COST more. So now, my (er, I mean a stupid person’s) salad goes from a reasonable $2 and some change to $5!!! And I (I mean they) get back to the office, only to realize there is way more “stuff” on this salad than can possibly be consumed in a lunch hour, let alone by one average-sized 30 year-old female.

So, Hy-Vee, please keep up the great work in all other departments, but don’t try to pull a fast one on this chica. She’s 10 steps ahead of you. (Um, I mean, she would be if she hadn’t slipped on the floor earlier this year…)


Just Quirky

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I’ve found the perfect guy

“He won’t cheat.

He won’t lie.

He’s not lazy

He doesn’t give excuses.

And he’s full of knowledge.”

And I want to marry him.

Apparently I can.

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Welcome everyone. Just so you know, this blog is a work in progress. But I’m like a little child when it comes to surprises and gifts, so I had to let you in on it before it was complete.

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Dear me,

One of my new favorite bloggers just inspired me to a little creative writing meets therapy project.

It sounded like fun, but like any good plagiarised idea, I thought it needed to be Stephanieized. The concept (for those too lazy to link away) is to write a letter to yourself at age 18. In honor of my upcoming 31st birthday, I thought it would be more appropriate to write a letter to myself at age 21. After all, it’s been a busy decade. Little 21-year-old Stephanie has come a long way.
We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s go…
Dear Steph,
You are 21 and beautiful, so why do you insist on dressing like a 40 year-old soccer mom? I know you went to Europe and the little silk scarves around the neck were all the rage, but that look just doesn’t translate well in the U.S. of A. Also, no one should be allowed to wear Laura Ashley clothing after 12 and before 40.
Pay attention to Shannon at school. I know you barely know her and you only really know your parents were friends, but you won’t believe how close you guys will be. She’ll even be your maid of honor in your wedding (we’ll get there). Why not get started on your friendship sooner rather than later?
Don’t date the Norwegian guy in D.C. during your internship next summer; it’s a waste of time. Just focus on your writing and have fun living in the city. Speaking of that, try to give your editing class next spring more than your usual 10 minute attention span. There are important things you need to learn such as A.P. Style. It seems lame, but it will haunt you.
Do date the intern at the first paper you work at. He’s hot and he’ll break your heart, but you are going to need that experience in your life. Just go with your heart and enjoy it.
When you are dating him, if you go to Virginia for a weekend and it happens to snow that weekend and you have to stay over on Sunday night, it would behoove you to go straight to work when you get back in town and not stop for lunch with your roommate. You guys will have plenty of fun adventures together, you don’t need to piss off your editor by being even later that day.
Anyone named Stephanie is a good egg. They make good roommates. Be forgiving when she’s too drunk to console you when the intern breaks up with you. She’ll be there in plenty of ways in years to come. You may want to remind her that tents go outside, not inside.
I know your first job will be stressful and all, but if there is any way you could not smoke, that would be really great. It would also keep you from lighting your hair on fire with a match when you are on deadline. No one likes the smell of burnt hair in the newsroom.
Speaking of smoking, if you don’t smoke, you can possibly avoid meeting your future ex-husband. But I’m not sure I want to prevent that from happening. Just know whatever happens in the end, you’re going to be okay. You guys are going to have a great time together and share lots of love. But put your foot down early about that word. You deserve better. Also, your instincts to not want children with him are right on. Birth. Control. Please.
When it comes to your career, the main thing I want to tell you is that the grass isn’t greener on the other side. But you are going to need to learn some of that on your own. Set goals and meet them.
Don’t be so snobby about the sales side of the newsroom. You aren’t any better than them just because you are a starving journalist. And the same goes for public relations people who call you. Be nice.
When you run the marathon and you start puking, just keep going. You’ll live.
Harry Potter books are actually really good.
Sephora is just a bad habit and it will suck your money.
Stay away from cowboys in bars.
The night before you go to London, don’t let Sarah bring you that last glass of wine. It ends badly for you.
Don’t ever run after you’ve eaten shell fish. You get hives.
And here is the most important thing — every day over the next decade, even when you are at rock bottom, just take one minute to be thankful. Because you have a stinking awesome life.

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Holy cow. A post about running on a “running blog.” Now that’s something you don’t read every day.

I hurt.

Yesterday after sunning by the pool for two hours, with apparently sporadically placed SPF 30 Advanced Protection Against Aging, I decided I needed to go for a run. I’ve been toying with occasionally increasing the distance of my 2-3 mile runs (usually on the 2 side.) So somewhere between 3 and 4 miles, I decided that I had another mile in me. It was probably because I was still a mile away from home, but that was just poor planning.

I’ll admit, there was some walking, and a water stop or two. All in all, I was pretty proud of myself (and Gertie) for hanging in there. Maybe I’ll do it again next weekend. But no promises.

Several hours later, I realized I am sunburned in all sorts of random places.

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