unanswered prayers

Cheese factor ahead…

one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs is Unanswered Prayers. Always has been. It’s funny, because the only time in my life I was ever a GB fan was in high school when dating my H.S. boyfriend, Mike.  It’s like even back then I knew that we weren’t going to ever evolve into what I prayed we would, but yet I decided to pray anyway?

Anyhow, 12 years later, I have become friends with him. (again — thank you Facebook!) He’s a great guy. And it’s really fun to look back at my wishing and hoping and praying and know that Mike and I were not meant for eachother. Today, however, it’s super nice we can have a friendship. Twelve years, dating other guys, marriage and divorce helps put these things in perspective.  We couldn’t be more different people than we were back then.  And our lives are on different (WAY different paths. ) He’s in seminary, yo. And even though our beliefs don’t really match on all points, I still think he’s a great guy.

So Mike is going through a rough patchwith the end of a relationship. I’ve tried to guide him as much as I can… (Word to the wise, don’t seek too much relationship advice from someone who just ended a marriage, but I digress.) But here’s the thing. I just kills me. He’s SUCH a good catch, and this girl sounds fabulous. (I saw pictures and she’s SOOO cute!)  I. just. want. to. fix. it. for. him. But without knowing her, all I can do is sputter advice and trite phrases, like “it will work out for the best” and “she’ll come around” and “you know you deserve happiness.” Uhhh….lame much?

I just want everyone to be happy and get married and live in on pretty white clouds with yellow daisies. (Cue soundtrack.)

So why is life so hard sometimes? And why do relationships take so much work? And why don’t prayers get answered the way we hope? AAAAAAAAAUUUUGHHH…

Well, Mike. I don’t know what to say, but I really, really hope things work out for the best for you because you are a great guy. See?  Lame.

P.S. Thank you for programming my T1-82 Calculator with fun games and silly messages to me my junior year of high school.

P.S.S. Even though we broke up before prom, thank you for still taking me, even if I cried through our dinner at Chucky Cheese, it was still an ok night. No, it was a horrible night, but that wasn’t really your fault. You tried.

P.S.S.S. I’m sorry I told you I was busy for the entire month of December in 1994. I wasn’t. I lied.


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4 responses to “unanswered prayers

  1. fun stuff. i’ve appreciated finding a new friendship with you as well. glad you enjoyed the calculator stuff (though i have to admit, i don’t remember doing it… but i’ll take your word for it.) i still feel bad about your senior prom. i appreciate the forgiveness there. and i think i forgave you for the busy for the month of december thing a long time ago…

    oh, and sorry for making you listen to garth brooks. 🙂

    much love,


  2. hey wait… i just noticed the possibly related post, “fat.”

    i’m a little offended there…

  3. Mindy

    Ok, you just took the cake. There is no doubt you are the blogger to shame all bloggers.

    How, oh how, can you be so candid? and so ridiculously shameless? (note the GB reference)…

    You are right though, on all counts. but the TI-82 reference was too funny….

    How fun to remember those crazy days.

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