Hodgepodge of randomness

I love me some bullets:

  • Gertie and I had a great run last night with Laura and her dog, Owen. It was fun to watch them run side by side. They were a cute pair. (He’s a chocolate lab.)  At the end of the giant hill leading back to my place, Owen leaned over and licked Gertie, as if to say, “well done!”
  • Gertie is having a new dog sitter come stay with her while the boyfriend and I go to Omaha for the weekend. Oh boy!
  • I’ve learned that unless you really mean it, don’t ever, ever pat the bed at my place. That’s Gertie’s signal to jump up there. And she will.
  • Have I mentioned how much I’m loving Mad Men?
  • One of the work girls just made chicken fried rice and it smells good. I want some now.
  • Happy 30th Birthday tomorrow to my friend, J. She doesn’t believe in blogs, so she’ll never read this, but I’ll tell her about it. She’ll roll her eyes.
  • I’m a horrible person. I wanted a bagel this morning and I had no cash. (the bagel man only accepts cash, yo.) So I went around to the work girls and begged $2. (I’ll pay them back) Then I went into my bosses’ office and asked if I could buy her a bagel. She accepted, so I had to get another $2 from her.  I neglected to ask the work girls if they wanted a bagel. Oops.

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