Not enough candles in the world…

I’m sick of eating crappy “single people food.” Not that as a married person I ate fabulously, but we had meals most night. Meals with a main course and at least a side or a salad. That all seems like such work now for one person. I love to cook, but if it’s just me, I’ll usually pass. That’s why my cabinets are stuffed with mac and cheese, spaghettios, black beans, soup, ramen and other processed foods. It’s just easier that way.

There are veggies in my fridge, but I keep it simple by buying carrots and lettuce for salads, nothing that would whip up a last minute yummy meal.

Last night I had the urge to cook up something good, so I invited the boyfriend and D over for this with a spinach salad mixed in an asian dressing. It was nice to be in the kitchen again (it’s so small that for a while I felt like I was playing a game of Operation — trying not to touch any of the pots and pans that were crowding the stove. One slip, and EEEEEEEHHHHHH, only instead of lighting up a nose, I’d light up my hand.)

The only problem with cooking potent food in such a small space is there is no way to get the smell out. Cooking smells good when you are making it, but the next day, you do not want to smell your food…ew.

I lit every candle and ran every fan I own and I still couldn’t get the smell out. And not to gross you out, but it still smells here. 

I made mac and cheese tonight. It doesn’t smell.

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One response to “Not enough candles in the world…

  1. Ed R

    I feel much the same way. Even cheese and crackers is too much work sometimes!

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