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unanswered prayers

Cheese factor ahead…

one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs is Unanswered Prayers. Always has been. It’s funny, because the only time in my life I was ever a GB fan was in high school when dating my H.S. boyfriend, Mike.  It’s like even back then I knew that we weren’t going to ever evolve into what I prayed we would, but yet I decided to pray anyway?

Anyhow, 12 years later, I have become friends with him. (again — thank you Facebook!) He’s a great guy. And it’s really fun to look back at my wishing and hoping and praying and know that Mike and I were not meant for eachother. Today, however, it’s super nice we can have a friendship. Twelve years, dating other guys, marriage and divorce helps put these things in perspective.  We couldn’t be more different people than we were back then.  And our lives are on different (WAY different paths. ) He’s in seminary, yo. And even though our beliefs don’t really match on all points, I still think he’s a great guy.

So Mike is going through a rough patchwith the end of a relationship. I’ve tried to guide him as much as I can… (Word to the wise, don’t seek too much relationship advice from someone who just ended a marriage, but I digress.) But here’s the thing. I just kills me. He’s SUCH a good catch, and this girl sounds fabulous. (I saw pictures and she’s SOOO cute!)  I. just. want. to. fix. it. for. him. But without knowing her, all I can do is sputter advice and trite phrases, like “it will work out for the best” and “she’ll come around” and “you know you deserve happiness.” Uhhh….lame much?

I just want everyone to be happy and get married and live in on pretty white clouds with yellow daisies. (Cue soundtrack.)

So why is life so hard sometimes? And why do relationships take so much work? And why don’t prayers get answered the way we hope? AAAAAAAAAUUUUGHHH…

Well, Mike. I don’t know what to say, but I really, really hope things work out for the best for you because you are a great guy. See?  Lame.

P.S. Thank you for programming my T1-82 Calculator with fun games and silly messages to me my junior year of high school.

P.S.S. Even though we broke up before prom, thank you for still taking me, even if I cried through our dinner at Chucky Cheese, it was still an ok night. No, it was a horrible night, but that wasn’t really your fault. You tried.

P.S.S.S. I’m sorry I told you I was busy for the entire month of December in 1994. I wasn’t. I lied.


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things that make me laugh

People are freakin’ funny, you know? There are some great writers out there in this blogosphere. So I want to share a few things that have made me giggle lately:

(Really, this was just an excuse for more bullets)

  • You know I’m a dog person and I secretly love pugs because I used to have a puggle and now I “get” them. So her post just made me laugh because I remember when I first got my male puggle and this was totally an issue.
  • This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood, I go back and read it just to laugh. Am I weird?
  • I don’t want to steal her thunder, but she’s cracked me up lately with two links. (oh, oh, oh SUB Bullets!)

                       ~ Cheesus!

                       ~ This brings a whole new spin on “Leggo my Eggo.”

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Hodgepodge of randomness

I love me some bullets:

  • Gertie and I had a great run last night with Laura and her dog, Owen. It was fun to watch them run side by side. They were a cute pair. (He’s a chocolate lab.)  At the end of the giant hill leading back to my place, Owen leaned over and licked Gertie, as if to say, “well done!”
  • Gertie is having a new dog sitter come stay with her while the boyfriend and I go to Omaha for the weekend. Oh boy!
  • I’ve learned that unless you really mean it, don’t ever, ever pat the bed at my place. That’s Gertie’s signal to jump up there. And she will.
  • Have I mentioned how much I’m loving Mad Men?
  • One of the work girls just made chicken fried rice and it smells good. I want some now.
  • Happy 30th Birthday tomorrow to my friend, J. She doesn’t believe in blogs, so she’ll never read this, but I’ll tell her about it. She’ll roll her eyes.
  • I’m a horrible person. I wanted a bagel this morning and I had no cash. (the bagel man only accepts cash, yo.) So I went around to the work girls and begged $2. (I’ll pay them back) Then I went into my bosses’ office and asked if I could buy her a bagel. She accepted, so I had to get another $2 from her.  I neglected to ask the work girls if they wanted a bagel. Oops.

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There is a reason the Kansas Department of Mental Health shares a building with the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles in Johnson County. I’m just sayin’…


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Not enough candles in the world…

I’m sick of eating crappy “single people food.” Not that as a married person I ate fabulously, but we had meals most night. Meals with a main course and at least a side or a salad. That all seems like such work now for one person. I love to cook, but if it’s just me, I’ll usually pass. That’s why my cabinets are stuffed with mac and cheese, spaghettios, black beans, soup, ramen and other processed foods. It’s just easier that way.

There are veggies in my fridge, but I keep it simple by buying carrots and lettuce for salads, nothing that would whip up a last minute yummy meal.

Last night I had the urge to cook up something good, so I invited the boyfriend and D over for this with a spinach salad mixed in an asian dressing. It was nice to be in the kitchen again (it’s so small that for a while I felt like I was playing a game of Operation — trying not to touch any of the pots and pans that were crowding the stove. One slip, and EEEEEEEHHHHHH, only instead of lighting up a nose, I’d light up my hand.)

The only problem with cooking potent food in such a small space is there is no way to get the smell out. Cooking smells good when you are making it, but the next day, you do not want to smell your food…ew.

I lit every candle and ran every fan I own and I still couldn’t get the smell out. And not to gross you out, but it still smells here. 

I made mac and cheese tonight. It doesn’t smell.

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Be still my heart

I went to the doctor today because my heart has been a little fluttery lately. Don’t you just love laying there hooked up to an EKG machine?

Apparently this sensation is due to caffeine and stress. At first I thought I was just…

It could happen to anyone so you better be careful


But I got a long explanation on how the heart muscles have a pacemaker in them and sometimes our pacemaker adjusts when we get to beating to fast (stress) and so it slows down to catch up and that’s when we feel the flutter. 
Kind of like love?

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I like them warm (and hairy?)

I’ve been reading Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Series, and am surprisingly enjoying it. I say surprisingly because I’m not really into horror. (The concept, for those unfamiliar, is a teenage girl falls in love with a vampire. Her best (guy) friend becomes a werewolf and, as you can imagine, she has some problems. Not to mention that the vampire and the werewolf don’t exactly get along. Oh, and all the vampire’s peeps want to drink her blood, on some level or another.)  It’s great stuff. 

My mom is a children’s book writer. She has a group of friends who are all writers. One of them is an expert on YA (that’s Young Adult.) literature. (Side note: I so feel like Rachel Ray by abbreviating YA only to then spell it out. EVOO?) I asked my mom to get her opinion on the books. 

She doesn’t like them.

And she had a list of reasons why. I won’t bore you with the list, but her review made me really evaluate how I feel about the books. And while I do love them, I have one huge issue with the books.

I don’t buy into the whole vampire thing. He’s cold all the time. He wants to suck her blood. He is beautiful in a too perfect way. (I love beauty, but we need to be equally matched. The main character is constantly feeling less beautiful than her boyfriend. Not cool.) He treats her well, but never does anything that a real boyfriend does, like goof up every now and then. (Come on, no relationship is perfect.) He drives too fast. He sneaks up on her (I startle easily.) He can read minds (creepy), but not hers. He never sleeps (who wants to spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend watching her drool all night?) And face it, he’s old. (100 years.)

But the best friend character is way more appealing to me. And there is certainly some romantic tension between the two, but I can tell I’m not supposed to be rooting for them. Of course, that only makes me want to even more. And yes, he’s a werewolf, but he’s endearing. He’s warm. He has a slight temper, but never toward her. He has a hard time keeping his emotions to himself. He’s a little vulnerable. He’s protective of her. They have fun together without all the b.s. 

Call me quirky, but it appears I like werewolves better than vampires…who knew?


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