Oh to be young again…

Deep down in the archives of my hotmail (*gasp!*) account, I found an e-mail I sent to my girlfriends – the SB’s-during that surreal week in my life between graduation and my first job.

Backstory: I landed my first job as a reporter in Rocky Mount, NC. I knew no one, but it seemed like the great adventure. My mom and I went down for a week to find a place for me to live, but we stayed in Raleigh, because well, it was Rocky Mount. I mean, it was fine for me to live in, but Mom wanted to stay somewhere with restaurants and shopping. I can’t blame her, she lived in London at the time and well, Rocky Mount, while uniquely charming, isn’t exactly a stateside destination spot for ex-pats. Anywho, this e-mail accuratley captures my life back then (bad spelling and grammar included. Yes, I was a reporter, but it wasn’t for my attention to detail — more my ability to connect with people and tell their story.) And while life seemed so complicated at the time, it was really quite carefree. Ah, to be young…

Dear girls,
Hello to all of you. I’m still alive and am in Raleigh at the Embassy Suites Hotel by the Crabtree Mall. No luck finding an apartment but I am considering renting out a room here since it is so nice and all. Free coctails from 5-8. I can see me now…”Sorry boss, I’d love to stay and finish this story, but I have a free amaretto sour waiting for me in my hotel lobby.”) And it WOULD be awfully nice to not have to worry about making my bed and washing my towels every day. hmmmmm…

In the real world, I found a cute little house today that I am dreaming of renting and fixing up. Sarah, it is near Chicos and that part of town. It is 475 a month, but that is reasonably cheap considering I’ve seen one bedroom apartments for 550. It has two bedrooms and a living and dining room plus a fenced in yard for Katie. [Katie was my dog at the time] My mom isn’t sure. Its not the cost but just the worry of me being in a house with all the responsibilities of a house. Plus they’d have to buy me a fridge and a washer/dryer. Its really old, but really cute. It has white walls and dark hardwood floors. No apartments yet. They are either trashy or too expensive. [It’s, Stephanie, it’s. No wonder you drove your first boss crazy!]

I cried today in front of my boss. Yup. This is the girl who can make it through graduation and saying good-bye to her best friends without a tear or even a wimper, but put her in front of a telephone,a conference table, people telling her she can’t rent, and her boss and she goes hysterical. I was mortified, but I couldn’t help it. I just cried. Then once I started crying about that, I started thinking of everything I had lost and how lonely I was.

Write soon so next time I come down to the public access computers at the hotel I have something to read after a [crappy] day like today. 🙂

Much love!
Natalya, if you read this, I love you and hope you are having fun in Russia.
Sarah, I haven’t had a [crap] in four days.
Nat, I wrote you seperate.
Shannon, I went shopping last night with my mom and got a shirt at abercrombie. I wish you could borrow it.

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