Things that make me go grrr

People make me crazy sometimes. Particularly in their cars. Particularly at gas stations. I mean, clearly, I have my own issues but I like to think my gas station manners are up to par.

Consider the following:

Quick Trip 12:30 p.m. in the 816 where gas prices dip a little lower in this town.

More cars than pumps.

Cars line up behind cars, while others lurk further out, completely blocking the flow of traffic.

At pump no. 10, I see a woman sitting in her car. I zip in to wait behind her. Then I realize, she’s not “plugged into” the pump. There is a total on her payment screen so I assume she’s already filled up and is waiting for her passenger.

No problem.

I’ll wait.

I mean it’d be nice if she would pull up to the parking spots and wait, but maybe it will just be a second.

De de de

Finally passenger returns, yacking on her cell phone, carrying misc. treats and beverages. She then goes around to the driver’s side (is she handing over the food before she gets in?) and driver gets out and passenger gets in driver’s seat.

Maybe it’s a slow-motion Chinese fire drill with QT snacks involved?

The driver then leaves the car area entirely to go into the store.

By this time, I’m already assessing my options for other pumps because tick-tock people! But really? Really?

Out of my rear view mirror (because I have now moved, but am watching this scene unfold from another pump waiting zone) I see the new driver (former passenger) waiting for her friend. More cars have lined up and she just sits there.

Finally, driver #1 returns and passenger returns to passenger’s seat (still yacking on her phone, by the way) and driver returns to driver’s seat and they speed off.

Madness. Absolute madness.


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