This is creative

Last night my fortune cookie told me I would be exceptionally creative today. I have sat here in front of the screen trying to figure out how to make this alleged creativity happen…..nada.

So let me just tell you what I’ve been up to today.

My Sunday Morning
by Stephanie

I tried to sleep in a little. But Gertie was having none of it. So we were up and at ’em. At home, I made some coffee. I was out of cream which was sort of sad, so I overcompensated with gobs of sugar. Earlier, I had picked up the mail and needed to sort out an issue with Time Warner. Of course, I sat on hold for 24 minutes. Gertie was not a fan of the music playing on speaker. While on hold, I took care of some laundry, tidied up a tad and finished off the sugar coffee.

Gertie was nosing the leash and I knew I should run so I changed into running gear and we headed out into the morning sun. Three miles later, we are home and I am blogging about my Sunday morning.

The end.


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