Phone call

Me: Hello
W: Stephanie, it’s Whit (also known as my super awesome friend/personal stylist. Ok, she’s not just my stylist. She could be yours too. E-mail me for deets.)
Me: Hey
W: What are you doing tomorrow night?
Me: Um, happy hour with my friend, Dawn and then I dunno.
W: I have a much better plan for you.
Me: Okaaaaaaaaaay
W: 311 and Snoop Dog concert.
Me: Really?
W: Yup
Me: Where?
W: Sandstone. Are you in? (Names list of people also attending.)
W: In background to her boyfriend: It’s Steph. I think she’s going! She’s so cool!
Me: Pause. [Thinking (Why was I thinking? This should have been an easy yes, but I was trying to think if there would be any negative consequences that could result in such concert going. Ok, I won’t be driving, the ticket is free, yes, I have to cancel on Dawn, but she’d totally understand, I don’t have to work on Friday and the concert is free and it’s Snoop Dog. Awesome.)]
Me: I’m in. (duh.)



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3 responses to “Phone call

  1. Erin

    It’s the D-O-Double-G Steph. Double G. You apparently don’t watch enough Fatherhood or listen to enough Doggy Style.

  2. mouse

    I too was going to comment on the double G. IT’S CRUCIAL TO GET THAT RIGHT.

    but YAY! have fun!

  3. John at Hella Sound

    la di da di
    we likes to party

    what a cool line-up! I saw 311 a bunch of times in Chicago way back when–probably 10 years ago or more.

    Snoop doing country music would definitely be a trip to see.

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