Fourth of July Update — Check, check, check

So I completed everything I set out to do this past weekend, and I’m pretty happy about that. I’m obviously NOT happy about my totalled car. But here’s a recap:

  • Ice cream came from the boyfriend who brought me a butterscotch milkshake (my favorite!) after my car accident.
  • Fireworks. Well, I didn’t exactly see a “show.” But there was enough bang bang bang to last me until next year. And everyone is in one piece too! There was also a little bonus to the fireworks in that I got to rid myself of a few items…
  • Running- This is what I’m most proud of because after the whole car thing I was a little worried this wouldn’t take place. But Saturday and Sunday were rock star running days for me. Thanks for the encouragement, you.
  • Meet the ‘rents.- Not only did I get to meet the boyfriend’s super awesome siblings, the meeting of the ‘rents went very well.
  • And because it’s summer, summer, summer time, I’m looking forward to a four day week followed by a visit from my super cool cousin from Chi-Town.


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3 responses to “Fourth of July Update — Check, check, check

  1. Erin

    Who is this boyfriend? We, well, I, need some more details please.

  2. Stephanie

    While there was never a formal announcement made at Onward Bound, the Red Head transitioned into “the boyfriend” a few weeks ago. As I have mentioned a few times on here, super cool. And he brings me ice cream! I plan to keep him around for a while… 🙂

    And while I have never met you in person, I feel your online persona and the boyfriend would get along fabulously. Need more details? E-mail me, chica.

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