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stick it to me, baby

I just fashioned a piece of tape into a tape bubble and stuck it on my forehead. Maybe genius thoughts will accidentally get stuck on the tape bubble and find their way into my brain. Because that’s the kind of week I’m having.

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Do any runners still read this blog?

Hello ‘elloellollollollo ‘o ‘o ‘o….

I know this blog has taken a bit of a diversion from running, but if there are any readers who are runners with Garmin trainers, I have a question for you. I do still run, by the way. Almost more now that I have Gertie in the city. I just don’t talk about it much. Well, because I’ve had more interesting things to talk about lately….

Anywho, I’m thinking about getting a Mac Book and want to know if anyone has encountered any compatibility problems with Garmins and Macs. I’d love to hear from you — the good, bad and the ugly. Many thanks in advance!


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Here Kitty, Kitty

The boyfriend has a cat. Well, technically his roommate has a cat, but for all intensive purposes, there is a cat at the boyfriend’s house. And this has been a little unnerving to Gertie (read: Gertie’s Mom who is terrified that Gertie might be even less of a vegetarian than she is.) who has never really met a cat. At least not long enough to decipher how she feels about cats. For the past month, (whee! It’s been over a month!!! Look at me in the big relationship!) we’ve kept Gertie confined to a certain proximity of space when I’ve been over. She’s been able to see Kitty, but always at a distance. The two have co-existed with Kitty slinking by to take a look at this dog skidding around his living room hardwood floors, licking his owner and others, flopping on people’s laps and in general being the lovable spaz that she is. (That’s right, Justin. I said love able spaz!)

But last night, we made a huge step for all dog kind. Gertie met Kitty nose to nose. I actually didn’t know it was happening or I would have probably set up an intervention. But the boyfriend, who was in the kitchen at the time, apparently thought it was as good a time as any to let them meet. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw Gertie less than a foot away from Kitty.

And Kitty was still alive.

And Gertie was, well, more interested in the food that boyfriend had going on than the Kitty treat sitting in front of her.

Later on, in the living room, Kitty stopped by to flop on the floor near Gertie, who didn’t seem to mind the company.

Maybe we can just all get along.

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100 Things About Me (Part II)

I know you’ve been waiting on pins and needles for me to finish this.

The wait stops here.

51. I am a Klutz (capitalization intentional)

52. I don’t bake

53. I don’t recycle as much as I should.

54. I make wish lists for things I want to buy but can’t afford. These lists live in my dayplanner.

55. I sleep walk.

56. My parents used to put a gate up to prevent this.

57. My friend Dawn improvised with an ironing board once.

58. When referring to my friends, I often claim ownership “my friend Dawn,” “my friend Jenny” and so on… I don’t know why I do this, but I do.

59. In seventh grade, I laughed so hard I peed my pants in the middle of cooking class. Unfortunately, I had a (non-related) detention that afternoon, which made for a very long day.

60. I saved every note written in seventh grade; they are still folded up into little triangles.

61. I love to be the passenger.

62. Spontaneous trips are heavenly.

63. As long as I have ample time to fret about what to pack.

64. I heart my job.

65. I refer to my parents by their first names when talking about them.

66. Hi Terry.

67. When I see a cute dog, I have a tendency to gush and sometimes shriek a little. In general, I refer to dogs as “boogies.”

68. I sometimes need to use my inside voice.

69. But I prefer my outside voice.

70. I was never popuuuuular.

71. But I love the song.

72. I do not. Repeat. Do not. Do scary movies.

73. If a move becomes at all terrifying, a pillow is required to hide behind.

74. I love happy hour.

75. Who doesn’t?

76. When picking out a book, I read the back cover or inside flap and then at least the first page. I know pretty much right away if a book is going to carry my attention.

77. When I concentrate, I chew the side of my tongue. It looks really stupid.

78. I wear skirts more than pants.

79. Every winter I pray that tall boots and skirts won’t be out of style.

80. Eventually this will happen and I will be that lady stuck in the fashion dead zone.

81. Speaking of winter, I hate to drive in the snow and/or ice.

82. Considering my summer driving record, it is probably best that I avoid winter driving all together.

83. I let Gertie kiss me on the mouth.

84. Aside from the ceramic flat iron, I think on demand and DVR technology are two of the greatest inventions of my adult years.

85. I text my hairstylist.

86. I’m not opposed to online dating.

87. When I worked in commercial radio I had my own news jingle.

88. I love striking up conversations with complete strangers.

89. I’m really looking forward to completing this list.

90. Maybe there aren’t really 100 things about me to share?

91. Nah, that can’t be true. I never shut up.

92. I’ll think of 100 more after this list is published.

93. Some unfortunate soul will have to hear me talk about myself later.

94. I have my ears pierced and my belly, but I really want to pierce my nose.

95. When I was a baby, they wrapped me in foil to keep me warm. I looked like a baked potato.

96. No wonder I have to work next to a space heater all day. They set me up to be cold my entire life.

97. My passport expires this year. I should do something about that.

98. I once lost my passport in the Frankfort, Germany airport.

99. I actually have the worst travel luck ever.

100. My initials spell SAM. I tried to get friends to use this as a nickname, but it never stuck. Just goes to show you, you can’t force your own nickname.

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Don’t read this while drinking anything that could go out your nose

This is awesome.

Is it bad that I want Chipotle now?

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me time

I love it. My own agenda. My own rules. My own destiny. Last night I took myself out for dinner. Crisp greens tossed in a tangy balsamic vinaigrette with bites of salty kalamata olives, crunchy bread with buttery, nutty olive oil and creamy pureed eggplant, sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil nestled within the crevices of homemade farfalle. A perfect espresso to finish it off. Heavenly.

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Watch it.

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Oh to be young again…

Deep down in the archives of my hotmail (*gasp!*) account, I found an e-mail I sent to my girlfriends – the SB’s-during that surreal week in my life between graduation and my first job.

Backstory: I landed my first job as a reporter in Rocky Mount, NC. I knew no one, but it seemed like the great adventure. My mom and I went down for a week to find a place for me to live, but we stayed in Raleigh, because well, it was Rocky Mount. I mean, it was fine for me to live in, but Mom wanted to stay somewhere with restaurants and shopping. I can’t blame her, she lived in London at the time and well, Rocky Mount, while uniquely charming, isn’t exactly a stateside destination spot for ex-pats. Anywho, this e-mail accuratley captures my life back then (bad spelling and grammar included. Yes, I was a reporter, but it wasn’t for my attention to detail — more my ability to connect with people and tell their story.) And while life seemed so complicated at the time, it was really quite carefree. Ah, to be young…

Dear girls,
Hello to all of you. I’m still alive and am in Raleigh at the Embassy Suites Hotel by the Crabtree Mall. No luck finding an apartment but I am considering renting out a room here since it is so nice and all. Free coctails from 5-8. I can see me now…”Sorry boss, I’d love to stay and finish this story, but I have a free amaretto sour waiting for me in my hotel lobby.”) And it WOULD be awfully nice to not have to worry about making my bed and washing my towels every day. hmmmmm…

In the real world, I found a cute little house today that I am dreaming of renting and fixing up. Sarah, it is near Chicos and that part of town. It is 475 a month, but that is reasonably cheap considering I’ve seen one bedroom apartments for 550. It has two bedrooms and a living and dining room plus a fenced in yard for Katie. [Katie was my dog at the time] My mom isn’t sure. Its not the cost but just the worry of me being in a house with all the responsibilities of a house. Plus they’d have to buy me a fridge and a washer/dryer. Its really old, but really cute. It has white walls and dark hardwood floors. No apartments yet. They are either trashy or too expensive. [It’s, Stephanie, it’s. No wonder you drove your first boss crazy!]

I cried today in front of my boss. Yup. This is the girl who can make it through graduation and saying good-bye to her best friends without a tear or even a wimper, but put her in front of a telephone,a conference table, people telling her she can’t rent, and her boss and she goes hysterical. I was mortified, but I couldn’t help it. I just cried. Then once I started crying about that, I started thinking of everything I had lost and how lonely I was.

Write soon so next time I come down to the public access computers at the hotel I have something to read after a [crappy] day like today. 🙂

Much love!
Natalya, if you read this, I love you and hope you are having fun in Russia.
Sarah, I haven’t had a [crap] in four days.
Nat, I wrote you seperate.
Shannon, I went shopping last night with my mom and got a shirt at abercrombie. I wish you could borrow it.

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Things that make me go grrr

People make me crazy sometimes. Particularly in their cars. Particularly at gas stations. I mean, clearly, I have my own issues but I like to think my gas station manners are up to par.

Consider the following:

Quick Trip 12:30 p.m. in the 816 where gas prices dip a little lower in this town.

More cars than pumps.

Cars line up behind cars, while others lurk further out, completely blocking the flow of traffic.

At pump no. 10, I see a woman sitting in her car. I zip in to wait behind her. Then I realize, she’s not “plugged into” the pump. There is a total on her payment screen so I assume she’s already filled up and is waiting for her passenger.

No problem.

I’ll wait.

I mean it’d be nice if she would pull up to the parking spots and wait, but maybe it will just be a second.

De de de

Finally passenger returns, yacking on her cell phone, carrying misc. treats and beverages. She then goes around to the driver’s side (is she handing over the food before she gets in?) and driver gets out and passenger gets in driver’s seat.

Maybe it’s a slow-motion Chinese fire drill with QT snacks involved?

The driver then leaves the car area entirely to go into the store.

By this time, I’m already assessing my options for other pumps because tick-tock people! But really? Really?

Out of my rear view mirror (because I have now moved, but am watching this scene unfold from another pump waiting zone) I see the new driver (former passenger) waiting for her friend. More cars have lined up and she just sits there.

Finally, driver #1 returns and passenger returns to passenger’s seat (still yacking on her phone, by the way) and driver returns to driver’s seat and they speed off.

Madness. Absolute madness.

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Cleaning House

Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning out the house I lived in with my ex-husband. It was physically and emotionally grueling. A the end of the day, I felt drained and yet cleansed. It’s a task I’ve avoided since the divorce, but something that needs to be done. Unfortunately, there is a second house that needs to be cleaned out (long story as why there are two houses, but just take my word for it.) and so next weekend will involve more cleaning. Houses are just houses, but it’s amazing the energy they take on from the time spent living in them. This house was particularly rough because the end took place there. I felt some of that old energy grip me as I cleaned. So I’m glad it’s done.

By the way, I have a computer desk, a bookshelf, printer, lamps, an exercise ball, oil based space heater, two baby gates and some random dishes for any takers. E-mail me…

There was something that my ex-husband left at the house that I needed to get back to him, so I took it to our former best friends’ house. The husband of this couple was out in the garage. Suddenly I felt like I had been hit by a tank. And I couldn’t’ talk. He asked me what was new. The answer “everything” seemed appropriate. I heard myself trying to tell him how happy I am now and that I’m doing really well, but it was out of body. He looked at me with a look of pity and possibly a little judgment and I was wiggling in my skin. I rambled on for a little bit longer, handed him the thing and left, sending greetings to his wife and telling them to call me for a drink if they were in my neighborhood. (I’ll be surprised if I hear from them.)

After the awkward delivery, I needed some time with my friends. The friends who have been there for me to help me clean up this entire mess. I called the one friend I know I can always go to.

What are you doing?


Beer in two?

And beer and yummy Mexican food later, I felt the energy from my new life return with a big ‘ole virtual bear hug.

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