I had the priveledge of proctoring a test Saturday morning for 6th graders applying for this program. I’m not a teacher, so the opportunity to be in the classroom and administering a test was all new. I had a classroom of 20 kids from KC, MO. The kids were a little groggy when they first came in. But by the third test, we had all warmed up to one another. At the end of the testing, I had a chance to visit with some of them. So inspiring! They were so cute — asking me questions, telling me about their hobbies and interests (soccer, video games, basketball, dancing…) And they thought I was a teacher – a compliment!!! I wish them all the best. The scholarship program is an amazing opportunity for these kids.

In other news, capped off a perfect Saturday in true urban girl style (took a cab and everything!!) attending this show. So awesome. Not only did she sing Easy Street (from ANNIE), but James Taylor to boot!! Popular and Love Song also had me grinning from ear to ear.

Today was Mother’s Day. I found THE perfect card for my mom circa 2008. “When the going gets tough. The tough call their mommies.”

Spaghetti (my mom’s specialty) and apple pie (grandma’s specialty) at my parents’ house and I brought Gertie, my grandma and her dog. It was a circus. Surprisingly, my parents handled it in stride. I’m wondering why both moms had to cook…

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