Disclaimer: Now that I’m blogging again, I haven’t decided whether or not this is going to be solely about running. In fact, I’m leaning toward repurposing the entire blog to random ramblings by your’s trulely. Not that anyone’s reading anymore, but I’m just saying…

Yesterday, Matt and I finally got around to watching Sicko, a documentary by Michael Moore. Now, I haven’t completely decided if I’m always 100 percent on board with Mr. Moore’s opinions, but this documentary was spot on! The interviews in Canada, London and Paris were beyond compelling. I mean if our government can provide public eduation, why not public health care? There was a gentleman from England who had been a member of Parliment. His point was if the government can fund a war, why can’t it fund health care.

I highly recommend this film.

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  1. Abigail Munday

    Not sure if Sicko has made it to Japan yet but I’ll rent it on DVD when it gets here.

    I was convinced of nationalized health care when I was in England in 1998 to study and got sick. When I left the hospital (they ran some tests and released me in one day), I asked them how much it would cost, and they said it’s on the house, and goodbye! No problems. No questions about insurance. What a beautiful thing.

    European countries with nationalized care spend WAY less than America does (12% of GNP). And America has such a vast maze of privatized care. How is this possible?

    And it totally stinks for underprivileged folks with no money for insurance. Horror stories abound.

    I would so love to see the US with socialized medicine, but so many people would freak about it that I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

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