Dog Tails

Thank you to all of you who responded about my new dog, Gertie. I have been waiting to tell the story of how she came to us because I wanted my blog friend, Kim at one of my favorite dog blogs: Vizslocity to tell you the story . Vizslocity is a funny name if you aren’t familiar with the dog breed: Vizsla. I encourage you to go visit Kim’s site and read about Gertie and Vizslas. There are tons of great dog pictures over there. By the way, Gertie is a Vizsla/Lab mix, but one of the great things about Vizsla people is they aren’t too snobby about that sort of thing.


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2 responses to “Dog Tails

  1. Kim from Hiraeth

    : )

    But we are snobs in one way–we think vizslas are the best dogs ever.

    Thanks for the plug!


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