Several bloggers have been posting lately about the HEAT WAVE in the midwest. Well sign me up for the post train because I’m hopping on board. It’s frickin’ hot. Too hot. Really hot. It’s (are you ready for this?) treadmill hot.

So what have I been up to? Here’s the skinny:
-Ran 8 miles Saturday morning. Not a bad run considering the previously mentioned HEAT. Also, I was totally inspired by our exciting mini-RBF meet breakfast for later that morning. As a lone runner, there is nothing as exciting as the thought of being able to dish about your run after your run with other runners.
-Breakfast was fun. I finally got to meet my puke bud, Barb, who was fabulous. KT and I rode together and evidently we both needed some therapy because the drive turned into a much needed rant session for both of us.
-Yesterday for a cross training day, I decided to take a spin on the old excersise bike. Wow, that was harder than I thought. 30 minutes later, I bailed to the elliptical machine to finish up my work out with 25 more minutes.
-This morning, I intended to get up early and run, but it was dark. For some reason, I thought it would be lighter at 5:15? Anyhow, that’s my excuse, but don’t worry. The treadmill will be waiting for me after work.



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2 responses to “Hot

  1. KT

    I did my first run for Phoenix today! Woo!

  2. Running Jayhawk

    I’m glad I can be your puke pal.

    And I think I brought all the heat and humidity back to Chicago with me. It’s so gross here!!

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