Glutton for Punishment or Just Crazy?

So Saturday before “long” run Sunday, I just happened to be visiting And just happened to print last year’s training schedule. And then I just happened to grab a calendar and back it up to what it would be with this year’s date in mind. And then I just happened to compare my own running mileage with that of the schedule and I just (you guesssed it) happened to be right on track. And then I noted that in order to stay on track, I would need to run 8 miles for my long run on Sunday. (Schedule says Saturday, but that is not a problem) I had planned on running 6, but then I just (fill in the blanks here) happened to run 8? Hmmm… Oh, and I also just happened to take a little side track from my fairly flat running trail to treck up a serious hill during mile 4 because, K.C. isn’t flat, you know. But I’m not training for anything, am I?

In other news, I also sat on my porch for 20 minutes post-run waiting for Matt to return from his bike ride, thinking I was locked out, but really my hand was just too sweaty to open the door — dur. Oh well, I was just, uh, enjoying the quietness of my new neighborhood on a Sunday morning. Yah, that’s it.


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4 responses to “Glutton for Punishment or Just Crazy?

  1. KT

    I love that you are thinking about a rematch with the KC marathon. Go to it, sister.

  2. a.maria

    ooooh. this would be the rematch of the century…

    and i was actually just thinking of you this weekend wondering if you were doing it or not!!


  3. Running Jayhawk

    Ah ha!!! Back with a vengence!! You’ve got it in you…

  4. Josh

    Go for it! You can do it!

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