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Mental War

For those who like to read the endings of books first, I’ll spare you the scroll down: I ran my scheduled 10 miles.

For the rest of you, the story goes like this: Yesterday I prepared mentally and physically for my run today. I went to bed early (10:30) and woke up early (6:30). I already knew I was going to have a hard time getting out there b/c I had some anxiety dreams about running. But I dressed and ate my breakfast bar and drank my water. I also knew I was going to have a hard time because let’s just say I wasn’t feeling good, at all. (Ladies, get my drift here.) In fact, things got so bad, I decided to go back and lay down for a while. After checking the weather forecast (and watching it religiously on Saturday), I knew I had a little time to play with. The weather was unseasonably cool today, but thunderstorms were predicted around noon. I had to get out there before noon. I had to. But, things were pretty bad and so I stayed in bed.

The following conversation between “good runner Stephanie” and “bad runner PMS devil Stephanie” took place in my head:
-You must get up.
-Don’t get up, you won’t make it in this condition even if you try.
-If you don’t get up now, it will start storming and then you never will get your run in today.
-You could always run 10 miles on the treadmill later.
-You hate the treadmill.
-You must get up.
-You could always run 10 miles after work tomorrow. You could even do the elliptical today and then run tomorrow.
-You can’t do that, it will throw off your schedule. And really, who are you kidding? You’d never run 10 miles after work. You must get up.
-You could always skip it all together. I mean, really, you say you aren’t officially training for anything. Why would you kill yourself.
-Screw it, you are going back to sleep.

I woke up at 10. Moped around, drank my coffee with soy milk and I was still feeling pretty bad. Since I was sure it was too late to head out before the storms, Matt and I went to lunch. (Pizza of all things) I was horrible company. I was a mess. I had skipped a 10 mile run. This was the end of the world. I needed a resolution, but what would I do? Ok, get a grip Stephanie (good runner Stephanie reappeared) It’s only 11 a.m., there is still plenty of time to run. It’s not super hot today, and look, it’s not raining. It’s sunny.

Ok, GRS was right. I needed to stop obbsessing and get out there. Unfortunately, I had a belly full of pizza, salad and soy coffee. This was not exactly the pre-long run diet I am used to. So I waited until 12:45 (worrying every second it would start raining) and then geared up and started running. Armed with my cell phone and instructions to Matt to come get me if it started storming (poor guy), I took off.

A few highlights included:
Running with a nice young doctor training for the half. We stuck together 2 miles and then I decided her pace was too fast for 10, so I let her go on ahead.
Seeing an Airedale Terrier like mine.
Trying new sports beans (fruit punch–yum)
Being done with the whole thing.

Are you happy now, GRS?! Grrr.


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Yesterday I played catch-up at the gym. I ran three miles as catch-up from Thursday night where I skipped three miles (resting hip ONE more day) ….I’ll never make the extra 2 miles skipped on Tuesday, but I think at this point, that’s ok. Tomorrow I’m going out for 10. I purchased a pack of sports beans, because after the marathon, I’ll never gu again. (sorry, gu fans.) In other news I’m going to have to eat red meat tonight because I’ve been invited to a dinner where this is being served. I NEVER eat red meat, but this cannot be avoided, so we’ll see how it goes down the night before a “big” run.

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Please tell me my hip is lying…

So Monday night, I went to the gym and I was on the elliptical–the one without the moving handles that lets you crank up the incline. It has this handy little digital read out that shows with little glowing green dots which muscles you are working as you crank it up. So, being the overachiever that I am, I cranked. Oh, nice, I’m working my quads. Not good enough. Crank. Oh still working my quads, ok. Crank. Crank. Finally. My hamstring, nice, but not good enough. Crank. Crank. Crank. YAY! All lights are now lit up and I am also working my calves. The stride was pretty long to make it all the way up the incline each step with my short legs, but I pushed myself through a somewhat challenging work-out and left feeling great. No biggie.

Tuesday morning, I woke up, rolled out of bed and stepped. I could not put any weight on my left leg because up around my hip, but in the front, so like where upper quad meets hip area? (description is v. vague as this is kind of an odd place) hurt. YEOWEE. I limped around the bedroom. It actually kind of felt like if I could just pop it somehow (I know, gross, eh?) it would feel better. I just couldn’t figure out how to do that. (Why is it whenever I’m at work or in a social setting and I only have to stand or move differently to sound like a bowl of rice crispies, but when I’m in my bedroom trying to alleviate some pain, I can’t get anything to pop?!) I tried a few different stretches, but nothing seemed to really stretch that area. So, I got ready. As I moved around yesterday, the pain went away. It wasn’t until late afternoon when I had been sitting for a long period of time and I stood up that I experienced a lesser degree of the pain.

By the time I left to go home, I was facing a dilemma. To run or not to run. Last year, it would have been an easy choice: don’t run. I was playing it REALLY safe so I wouldn’t be injured for my marathon. (bwahahahahaha, that worked well.) But this year my goal (for whatever I am or am not training for) is to train completely different. More cross-training and more aggressive with my runs. (Not being afraid to push myself as opposed to backing off to prevent injury) I figure that if I get injured, it’s no big thing because I’m not training for anything, right? (I know, weird mental game, but stick with me, ok?)

So I made a compromise. I would run two miles instead of four and see how it felt and I could either skip the other two miles or catch-up as part of my cardio cross-training at the gym on Wednesday.

I started slow and at first, the hip area (whatever it is, I’m just calling it my hip b/c that’s easier than a lengthy description each time) was a little tender. But as I ran, it went away and I finished nicely. No pain at all last night up until bedtime.

Then, this morning? Repeat of yesterday, but pain times two. Not good. I’m not panicked yet. There is no need to be. If I’m injured, oh well. It won’t be the end of my running, but I may have to rethink some fall activities. And maybe it’s just a pulled tendon or something. We’ll see. Anyhow, the gym is still on for tonight. I may or may not run that extra two miles.

I think the point is that I’m just not putting the pressure on myself like last year. It about killed me obsessing about every little ache, pain, decision etc… I’m a runner and injuries are going to happen. This may or may not be one, but whatever the case, I’m not done running. Stay tuned…


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No shame

It’s official. I have no shame. I forced KT into committing a crime at Quick Trip. Are you ready? We stole tap water. Yes, and coffee cups to drink it out of. Actually, it didn’t have to go down so dramatically. Thinking back, perhaps I didn’t make the best choices in planning for the 6 mile run. Review:
1. After a week of hot weather and hot, muggy weather predicted for Saturday morning, I still decided that sleep was important in preparation for my party (not the run, of course), therefore start time was set at 9 a.m.
2. The start time would not have been so bad, but I also decided that due to the missing water bottle holder, I would forgo bringing fluids with me.
3. Despite lack of fluids, I did not bring any cash with me to purchase emergency hydration supplies if needed

These factors combined resulted in one extremely desparate runner who would do anything for water after mile 4. Ok, maybe not anything, but walking into QT, taking a coffee cup, filling with water and chugging? Didn’t phase me.

I feel so bad, dragging KT into my crime.

Anyhow, the rest of the run was fine, except it was really, really hard for some reason. Maybe it was the heat? I don’t know. All I know is that I have a lot to prove to myself during my 10 mile run next weekend.

KT, hope my criminal ways won’t deter you from future runs! I also broke down and purchased a water bottle holder on Saturday because I’m the kind of gal who learns from her mistakes. (Sometimes)
P.S. Barb, I think we had similar run weeks.


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Going to my head

I’m not exactly off to a good start, people. But I don’t think it’s anything I can’t recover from. It all started Tuesday at lunch when I got my hair cut. I LOVE getting my hair cut. And because it looked so great, I just could not fathom wasting such a great hair day by throwing it back and getting all sweaty with it. I know I may have lost some readers with that last statement. (What? You skipped a run b/c you got your hair cut? What kind of runner are you?) But seriously, people, it looked really good. And so we went to happy hour with a friend. A well-spent good hair day venture in my book.

Like Barb, I had the best intentions of making up for lost miles on Wednesday, but alas, that did not happen. So LAST night after two seemingly long days away, I laced up and headed out. Oh, it was hot. And my water bottle holder is MIA since the move. And it hurt. And did I mention it was hot? I’m actually blaming Nytro in part for the heat. She told us her bangs were cute, but she did not tell us that they make your HEAD HOTTER thank hell when you run. Anyhow, thanks for the beauty tip Nytro, but you need to put warnings on your hair tips specific to runners: Bangs will be hot and they will drip sweat into your eyes.

And, for some reason after only 4 miles, I’m actually sore today, which is strange, but like Dice said, the wind was really blowing.

Because my priorities are really in order, I plan on running my 6 mile long run Saturday with KT in order that I may party on down with my friend Molly who is celebrating her 30th Birthday Saturday night. Happy Birthday, Miss Molly!


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Glutton for Punishment or Just Crazy?

So Saturday before “long” run Sunday, I just happened to be visiting And just happened to print last year’s training schedule. And then I just happened to grab a calendar and back it up to what it would be with this year’s date in mind. And then I just happened to compare my own running mileage with that of the schedule and I just (you guesssed it) happened to be right on track. And then I noted that in order to stay on track, I would need to run 8 miles for my long run on Sunday. (Schedule says Saturday, but that is not a problem) I had planned on running 6, but then I just (fill in the blanks here) happened to run 8? Hmmm… Oh, and I also just happened to take a little side track from my fairly flat running trail to treck up a serious hill during mile 4 because, K.C. isn’t flat, you know. But I’m not training for anything, am I?

In other news, I also sat on my porch for 20 minutes post-run waiting for Matt to return from his bike ride, thinking I was locked out, but really my hand was just too sweaty to open the door — dur. Oh well, I was just, uh, enjoying the quietness of my new neighborhood on a Sunday morning. Yah, that’s it.


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And they are off…
the marathoners we’ve been virtually following for many months.
A hats off to KT, A. Maria, & Kit Kat, all three of whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet in real life. Also to Nic and the others who are running today in San Diego and beyond. I love this stuff!

I want to also give a special congrats to KT who, like me, trained solo for her first marathon. I think it takes an extra special runner to go out and conquer her goal with no training team whatsoever. (it’s very leo of her….)


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New running route

The best (ok, not the best, but one of the best) parts of moving to a new house is checking out your new running route. I took two days off this week (big event at work on Wednesday and well, quite frankly, I needed the time after the move etc…), so this morning, I hit the road. It was amazing.

Also, while my fitness routine has been a little lax due to the move, I don’t want anyone to think I’ve totally slacked off. I did go to the gym a few times, especially since our shower wasn’t working when we first moved in last weekend. It’s actually a pretty motivating factor: if I go work out, I can shower. 🙂 But not as good as Nytro’s sandwiches…(even though my weakness would have to be ham and cheese as opposed to peanut butter.)

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