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Love new house, now just need to find time to run

If only I could find where I packed my running shoes…

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Moving sucks

I know I’m supposed to be positive about the new house etc.. but I just have to rant: Moving Sucks. I’ll return to our normally scheduled programing post-move.


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A marketing mishap

I don’t run with money. Ok, I rarely run with money, unless I’m running an incredibly long distance alone and I think I might need some emergency cash. So, Tuesday during my 3-mile run, I had the unfortunate luck to run by three young children selling Kool-Aid. I saw them in the distance. And I started to go through what I would say to them when I passed. I was obviously in their target market. I was tired, hot and thirsty. And, I was on foot. But what I lacked was money. Oh, Kool-Aid sounded good too. I love that cherry-flavored stuff. It reminds me of summers at Vacation Bible School –the only time a year I was allowed to drink Kool-Aid and eat cheap lemon cookies. It was free then, but not on Tuesday.

So as I passed, I prayed for a car to drive up and give them business so I could run by unnoticed. But, nope. “Miss…do you want some Kool-Aid?!” Oh, poor kids, they were so cute too. They could see it in my eyes. Yes, I wanted the sugary, additive-laden water. I could see it in their eyes, “Oh, she’s a buyer!” And then the bubble burst. “Sorry guys, I don’t have any money.” (I could see them thinking, “liar, grown-ups always have money that they don’t give to kids.”) So I turned back around and shouted, “I don’t carry money when I run, but thank you and good luck.” Ok, I’m a dork. But, really, it was a good idea for those kids to attempt sell their product to a hot, thirsty runner like myself, but what I lacked was the resources to purchase it. And that was a marketing mishap. (Tonight, I think I’ll bring 50 cents, just in case they are back, and so that would be an example of a succesful ongoing marketing campaign. I wonder if they need P.R.?)


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My New Lucky Number:23

Ok a few things. I actually technically did set a P.R. if we are starting my P.R. for 5Ks with my last 5K back in October. AND I placed 23 out of100 women in my age group…the top quarter. Mind you, it was a small race with a lot of walkers, but I feel pretty good about myself in this moment.
23 Last Name Stephanie Overland Park KS 28 32:25 10:28

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Not a P.R., but at least I didn’t register as a dude

Clock time: 32:20
Final watch time: I didn’t stop it until I was well through the finish shoot, so it is not accurate:32:37
Splits: 9:48; 10:01; 12:20 (Not totally accurate b/c I didn’t stop watch until I was through the shoot.)
Regardless, it was a pleasant run, quite hilly. Oh, and rest assured there was no way to register as a guy b/c it was a woman’s race only. I didn’t win the Kate Spade handbag door prize, darn it!

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Me to the power of…

24, according to my new gym. Yup, I bit the bullet and handed over my bank account info to the bumbling sales counselor who helped sign me up. (It’s a good thing I know a little bit about fitness and excersise b/c he sure didn’t!) It pained me, but it was a crucial decision. I believe that my marathon last September would have been a lot easier had I cross-trained stronger. I actually signed up with a MWFSun. membership, allowing me to run outside on Tues. and Thurs. It was cheaper and seemed to fit my work-out schedule. Should I need to run indoors on an “off” day, I can pay $5 and run at the gym.

So, last night, I hit the gym for the second time, tonight I ran 3 miles with Tally, tomorrow I cross- train, Thursday I run. Friday and Saturday off and Sunday a 5K.


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8 is enough

Ok, maybe 8 isn’t enough, but 8 was fabulous this morning. Absolutely no complaints here. And the company? Well, she may have had to have some quiet time after she left me (I think I talked her ears off!) to run a little more, but I must say, it was a great time. I even got back home in time to shower and clean up for a nice little afternoon show. (Thanks to Matt’s Nana for the gift certificate!) Big race coming up Sunday. I know, I’m out of control… Or, maybe I’ m just having a lot of fun running again.

P.S.Thanks to KT for letting me crash her run this morning. She’s running 24 next weekend!


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How to run a P.R. and make a fool of yourself simultaneously

Step 1: Sign up for the race. This should be the easiest part of any race (with the exception of the payment part sometimes), but to set a P.R. Stephanie-style you must have at least one error on your entry form.

Step 2: Train. Your training must be a trainwreck of trying to get back in shape after a long winter break. You must struggle through short runs and ask yourself how you ever ran a marathon.

Step 3: Get with running partner. This is an essential step because the running partner will inspire you to keep going even when you kind of want to return to your winter hibernation lifestyle, you know, the time when you acted like you could sit on the couch, eat, drink and it wouldn’t matter? Yah, that time.

Step 4: Turn down invitation to participate in a pub crawl. I’m sorry. I know we are doing this thing Stephanie-style, but you are still setting a P.R., so no mass beer consuption the day before, even for a good cause.

Step 5: Obsess over the weather. It’s going to rain. It’s not going to rain. You must weigh out every possibility and worry about this factor of the race for at least a week.

Step 6: Due to uncertainty and drizzly/rainy morning, overdress the day of the race.

Step 7: Ignore every person who has ever told you not to do something the day of the race that you didn’t do in training. Therefore, consume about two liters more water than you usually do just because you think it will help you run better. Of course, if you are truly running Stephanie-style, you have a huge fear of becoming dehydrated and ending up in the E.R. with a needle in your arm, so this won’t be hard.

Step 8: During race, you must realize that you have drank too much water, therefore, find first porta-potty at mile 2. Of course, you will be the first one in porta-potty that day b/c NO ONE HAS TO STOP AND GO TO THE BATHROOM DURING 4 MILE RACES, so while doing the “gotta go, gotta go, ” dance, you must fumble with moving padlock that is hanging outside away from the door so you can close it. You will contemplate leaving door not fully shut but then have vision of door swinging open while you are sitting there to wave at the runners running by, so you will find a way to close the door. Then, you must realize that you are the first person in there and put the SEAT UP! Struggle wtih wet, sweaty running clothes and the door again before you rejoin the runners WHO WERE BEHIND YOU BUT YOU HAD TO STOP!!!!!

Step 9: Obsess over why you had to pee for next mile.

Step 10: Worry that you might puke because you are running hard to catch up for lost time. Worry that due to the marathon, you may just be a puker— someone who pukes every time they run. Wonder why you have been bestowed with such an awful curse.

Step 11: Get really pissed because you are running really hard and this joker guy who doesn’t even look like he is a runner keeps turning around and running backwards to look for friends, but YOU CAN’T SEEM TO PASS HIM EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE TRYING!

Step 12: Try to unzip your hoodie which you shouldn’t have worn, but then realize you have pinned your bib to the front of a zip-up hoodie, so all you can do is unzip it behind your number, but you can’t take it off because it would be a tangled mess and YOU AREN’T stopping again.

Step 13: As you are about to cross the finish line, see a dog you think is an Airedale terrier like yours. So, after the race you have to go find out and you learn it isn’t an Airedale, and that you must have been delusional and seeing things.

Step 14: When you cross the finish line, your time will read: 48:something. So you must now obsess over how much time was in between the waves. You will check the race’s Web site 15 times the day of the race and several times the next morning until…

Step 15: The results are up, but you can’t find your name ANYWHERE. Control F to find your last name, nope. Control F to find your last name several ways because you are weird and hyphanated. Control F to find all Stephanie’s. YOU ARE NOT THERE! Become angry and blame the race directors for leaving you out. Wonder why this always happens to you. It’s just like the stupid marathon that wasn’t. It’s so typical and so on. So you go to find the e-mail you were sent when you registered. (Good thing you always save those things!) and lo and behold you see something that may be the reason why you were not listed under Overall Females. You registered as a male. So go to the Overall Males. Yes, you will feel wierd. Control F your name. Tada! There you are, right between Craig and Ryan:

 1937 281/359  Stephanie Last Name 28 Overland Park KS       41:31 10:23   41:18  5109 G
And even with your stupid bathroom stop, you still set a P.R.



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