Blind Running

I’ve been running “blind” since I began this blog and I’m happy to report that thanks to new contacts, I was able to actually see during my run for the first time today. Actually, I did wear my glasses sometimes, but they were annoying and being able to see without sweaty glasses today was like an entirely new experience.

As a status report to my return to running, I ‘m up to 3 miles fairly effortlessly and will probably be tackling a 4 mile run with my old running buddy, Laura on Sunday. I’m officially signed up for the Trolley Run and may be meeting up with KT at the race, So my running social life is also on the up and up.



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3 responses to “Blind Running

  1. Josh

    Contacts! Fancy!

  2. KT

    We’re going to rock the Trolley Run, lady. Looking forward to it!

  3. a.maria

    yay!! i’ll see you at the trolley run!

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