Look, mom, no cavities

I wonder if there has been any research correlating healthy teeth and running? Or maybe today was just my lucky day because I really thought I would have a cavity or two after not going to the dentist for um…well let’s just say I had a traumatic experience a few years back and…um…nope, no cavities! (“Are you sure?” Yes, I literally said that to my dentist.)

And the good news just kept on coming today as my local grocery store gave me a free salad from the salad bar when I went to pay because it was my tenth salad. I had lost track, but the Big Brother of grocery chain swipe savings card remembered. Thank goodness they are keeping track of my salad consumption because I sure can’t.

To top off a day of all things positive, I ran in my new shoes. The Kansas weather was mild and windy — very March-like and pleasant. Overall, a nice, easy, non-eventful 2- mile run.

Now I think I’m going to go gnaw on some sugary hard candy or something because there is no way my life is this easy-breasy. I’m too much of a drama queen for that.



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2 responses to “Look, mom, no cavities

  1. KT

    So the NBs made the final cut?

    Enjoy your candy!

  2. mipper

    oooohhh pretty shoes. i need new shoes. i now have shoe envy.

    great job on teh cavities. i go every 6 mnths and i have at least 4 each time. so to show my dentist, i didn’t go to my 6 month appointment and i won’t answer their calls. yep, i’m evil that way.

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