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A few weeks ago, AMaria asked the RBF some very valid questions about running. It got me thinking about my running. I go out. I run. I’m done. Sometimes I run far. Sometimes I run short. Sometimes I take my dog .(it’s been a while, and guess what? The dog gained weight…time to reconisider that.) Sometimes I don’t. And that, is running to me.

But yesterday, I found tempo. Don’t mock. I know I don’t run far yet (but I’m getting there.) And, I know I’m still a very slow runner. But yesterday, it was on. Unfortunately, I can’t prove it to you b/c I don’t own a running watch. (time to reconsider that too.) But I promise, something was different and I really liked it. So tomorrow, it will be back to just running, but maybe we can revisit the tempo in a few days.

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Blind Running

I’ve been running “blind” since I began this blog and I’m happy to report that thanks to new contacts, I was able to actually see during my run for the first time today. Actually, I did wear my glasses sometimes, but they were annoying and being able to see without sweaty glasses today was like an entirely new experience.

As a status report to my return to running, I ‘m up to 3 miles fairly effortlessly and will probably be tackling a 4 mile run with my old running buddy, Laura on Sunday. I’m officially signed up for the Trolley Run and may be meeting up with KT at the race, So my running social life is also on the up and up.


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Can Nizlopi’s John Parker Run the London Marathon Without his JCB or Bruce Lee?

Ok, I want you to do two things before questioning the sanity of this post.

First, go here and check out JCB Song — an amazing lyrical story that originally captured my husband’s heart, and eventually found its way onto my i-pod shuffle and into my heart. (If you click to open the book, you can listen to the song for free.) By the way, for those of you non-Anglophiles out there, a JCB is like an American Caterpillar.

Nizlopi band member John Parker is running the Flora London Marathon to raise money for those in need of bone marrow transplants.

It just goes to show you that there is a running connection to almost anything, if you look hard enough. Cheers to John for such a great goal and a wonderful cause.

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Running Around a Busy Schedule

Remind me if any of these posts are a repeat, but as I am now rediscovering running these days, I seem to be enlightened with new observations, that may well be old observations rehashed.

Tonight’s light bulb realization: It is possible to fit a run in when there are evening plans.

Yes, this may be the single most ignorant running statement made on this blog, but for me, it’s a real obstacle in my running. I either run or I make plans. They do not both happen on the same evening. But tonight I managed to squeeze a 2.5 mile run in and make a 6:45 commitment. And I’m still going to go to bed before 10. (Please, I know, it’s a lame thing that stems from working in radio and having to be up at 3 a.m.)

Stay tuned for more revelations.


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Weather for Overland Park, KS

Wind: N at 6 mph
Humidity: 23%
Mostly Sunny
71° | 45°

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Look, mom, no cavities

I wonder if there has been any research correlating healthy teeth and running? Or maybe today was just my lucky day because I really thought I would have a cavity or two after not going to the dentist for um…well let’s just say I had a traumatic experience a few years back and…um…nope, no cavities! (“Are you sure?” Yes, I literally said that to my dentist.)

And the good news just kept on coming today as my local grocery store gave me a free salad from the salad bar when I went to pay because it was my tenth salad. I had lost track, but the Big Brother of grocery chain swipe savings card remembered. Thank goodness they are keeping track of my salad consumption because I sure can’t.

To top off a day of all things positive, I ran in my new shoes. The Kansas weather was mild and windy — very March-like and pleasant. Overall, a nice, easy, non-eventful 2- mile run.

Now I think I’m going to go gnaw on some sugary hard candy or something because there is no way my life is this easy-breasy. I’m too much of a drama queen for that.


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To demonstrate to you, my leary blog readers, my dedication to the return to running, yesterday I turned down a pub crawl for a great cause in order to run a race for another great cause the next day. It was a tough decision and two great causes, but I know it was the right choice. Cheers.


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