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Shoes, Part 2

So last night I gave the Brooks Addictions a test run on the treadmill. I liked them; they certainly felt stable and my feet weren’t going anywhere other than straight ahead, but the problem is they felt like bricks. I’m just not used to so much support and stiffness in my shoe.

So, I decided that I really want to try the New Balance 857 shoes. (Remember these are the shoes I also liked, but they didn’t have them in my size.) I called the local running store and ordered the NB’s in my size from another store location. They are expected to be in at my store by Thursday.

My thought process is that it’s really nice to know there are shoes that are as supportive as the Addictions, but I’d like to try the NB’s before I go that route. (The NB’s are stability shoes, but not motion control) I could always start with the NB’s and if I determine I need more support down the road (no pun intended), if needed, I could switch to the Addictions before the fall marathon season. (Did I just say that?)

Then again, reading the runner’s world comparison on the NB’s, The Addictions and my old Ascis 2100’s and maybe I do need the Addictions because it doesn’t look like the NB’s are all that different from the Ascis. I guess I’ll just go to the store on Thursday and try the NB’s and decide from there. Clearly, I need something else to stress about.

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Quit Obsessing and Get some Advice

I bought new shoes yesterday. Based on my previous injury history I decided that the Asics were no longer going to cut it. So I went shopping for some motion-control/stability shoes that would work with my orthotic inserts. First of all, I’m not the tiniest person around, but it’s a little discouraging to be looking at shoes that are marketed at “heavier” runners.

Second, I don’t know if I got the right shoes! Now I’m obessesing and I haven’t even run a yard in them yet.

So, do any of the RBF members have experience with either:
Brooks Addiction 6
New Balance 857?

I went with the Brooks for the sole reason that they didn’t have the New Balance shoes in my size. The Brooks are nice b/c they come in narrow and I have very narrow feet. But when I went to the Runner’s World’s online shoe guide, the New Balance shoes had more stars. So now I’m worried that I jumped the gun and I should have held off for them to order my size in the New Balance shoes.

Tonight my plan is to hop on a treadmill (can’t take new shoes back unless tested only on treadmill) and try them out. But if anyone wants to weigh in, now’s your chance!

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I ran a marathon?

For the record, it’s REALLY hard to run after a long break. I’m not even going to lie. It actually sucks. Saturday, while many of you conquered 8, 10, 20 miles and beyond, I struggled to complete 2.75. Huffing, puffing, panting, sweating….

It doesn’t help that this is the same route I used to be able to run effortlessly last summer. I know it will become easier as I get back into it, but dang, it’s hard. I just had to say that.


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One foot in front of the other

It sure is hard to come back to this running thing when you put it on the shelf for a few months. But all it takes is to put one foot in front of the other and to get rid of the hang-ups that keep me from starting over. Two more miles tonight. I’m certainly not setting any big distance or speed records here, people. I hope to goodness this gets more interesting really soon. And I also hope I stop feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack during the first mile.


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I’m trying to ease back into my blog and act like I didn’t just take a four-month hiatus…

Ran 2 miles tonight. It was nice…not bad after (cough) a long (cough) break (cough.) The only weird thing is it made my bottom teeth hurt…strange.

Anyhow, I hope to be around more in the next few weeks/months. I have been bouncing around some ideas to motivate me for the fall, but I’m not ready to unveil any big plans. I hope everyone is well!


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