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14 responses to “Outrage

  1. a.maria

    at least you got a finishers medal?????

    groan. sorry!

  2. Flatman

    Uh oh…now you have to do another one! 🙂

    Have you picked it out yet?

  3. Stephanie

    I’m going to start with some half marathons for now and re-evaluate my training in a year or so. I don’t feel like I am emotionally or physically ready to do another marathon, maybe not ever. It is very taxing. However, I spoke with my boss who is a super marathoner (13)and he says I probably made up the .4 miles through various walking times (from car etc..) throughout the day .

  4. Scooter

    You did your learning. You can’t change history, nor can you undo the wrong that was done to you and the others who participated. I say you’re a marathoner because had it been the half-mile longer, you’d have paid the price. And think, like flatman said, now you have the perfect excuse to do another! Right now, you’ll be angry at me for suggesting it, but in 3 weeks, you’ll be saying “maybe they’re right.” Now you understand what they’re about and won’t make the rookie mistakes again.

  5. Danny

    I agree with your boss. There’s definitely an extra 0.4 miles in there somewhere at the beginning and end of the course. I would just forget about this article completely. You’ve finished a marathon. Period.

  6. Simba's Mom

    That totally sucks! But, as far as I am concerned, you did a marathon. Don’t let this tarnish your accomplishment one bit.

  7. D

    Stephanie – Despite the very poorly managed race, you ran an extremely TOUGH course in somewhat tough weather (HUMID) and should be proud! (I did the 1/2.) You still did a marathon! I agree with your super marathoner boss! You are awesome!

  8. jeanne

    I can’t get it to load!!!! arghhhh!!!

  9. jeanne

    ok, just read it. BULLLSHI*** (pardon my french). You RAN a marathon, I agree with danny totally! I was reading some message board about kansas city’s marathon (before I read this) and it said this was one of the most difficult marathon courses in the COUNTRY, and many experienced marathoners said it was poorly managed, and definitely not for beginners. (If I find the link, I’ll post it.)

    So please, delete this from your head. Are you kidding? After all you went through. You did TWO marathons, at least! And three hours on the elliptical, good god! (No, I will NEVER forget that!) Please keep feeling good and proud of yourself. Decide later whether you want to do another one. There’s plenty of time.

  10. jeanne

    Here’s the comment board about your marathon: everyone says it’s NOT a beginner’s marathon, so you should really feel PROUD!!!


  11. jeanne

    Sorry, here it is again (you’ll have to cut and paste twice)


  12. jeanne

    Wow, today the D.C. Army 10-miler got screwed up. All these races, yours, chicago now this one. what is going on??

    and p.s. What is going on with YOU? bring us up to date! how is the leg? I feel like someone beat me up yesterday!

  13. a.maria

    hey, i’m with jeanne… how are you doing now that you’ve had a week to process all of this! dont disappear! we miss you!

  14. Liz

    Just checking in to see how you are doing!!!

    Write when you can!!!

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