My friends took the balloons from the finish line and had them up at my celebration party yesterday.  Posted by Picasa


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  1. jeanne

    What great friends you have? And HOW DO YOU LOOK SO PERKY?? 🙂

    I’ve told your story to about 100 people!

  2. Stephanie

    The secret to my perky disposition? Two IV bags of saline. Highly recommended for dehydrated runners. Also, my friends? The best. They got me so many great gifts too. Like a gift certificate to a pedicure! (Oh boy, do I need that) various lotions, and creams, a runner’s meditation book and a marathon charm and bracelet!

  3. BuckeyeRunner

    WOW! Your friends rock! How wonderful to have such a supportive group of people to help you celebrate your accomplishment.

  4. Running Chick

    I love that they stole, um, i mean borrowed the balloons. what a great touch.

    glad to see you celebrating…you totally earned it.

  5. april anne

    Congratulations!!!! What a race!

  6. bunnygirl

    Was a gift certificate for a massage one of your gifts? That’s what I would be looking for!

    Sorry to be chiming in late with the congrats (the near miss with the hurricane really threw me off-kilter), but your race report is amazing, scary and inspiring. You’re obviously one of the ones who can handle anything life throws at you!

    So what are you doing for an encore?

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