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Instead of blogging about MY marathon and MY running and ME. I’m leaving Tuesday and today blank in honor of those who are suffering in the wake of hurricane Katrina. God bless them all.

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I am not a jogger…

What makes a real runner? It’s a question many of us have asked ourselves in recent months as we train for our upcoming races. The concept is artisticly tied into many of your blog titles. (runner wanna be; i am not a runner; not born to run etc…) And the answer is so individual that only the runner herself (or himself) can find the answer.

For me, the answer became clear in the shower after my 8 mile run this morning. I have a black toe nail. There it is. That first physical sign that I have taken the step from “jogger” to hard core I’m-training-for-a-26.2-mile-run runner. I don’t even know what a black toe nail is, or what causes it or if it’s even something that needs medical attention. The truth is, I’ve never really paid attention to runners who talk about these types of things because I thought I would never reach that level. But it happened.

If I am really honest with you, and I have no reason not to be, the toenail is actually a dark gray color, so not yet officially black. But it’s definately not your every day jogger’s toenail. Oh no. It’s something more.

And it kind of makes me want to go back to that guy who was mowing his lawn today, and who said to me, “Nice day for a jog,” and tell him, “I, sir, am not a jogger. I ran 8 miles, albeit slowly, at a pace most would consider a jog, but I am not a jogger at all. I have a black toe nail.”


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Afterthoughts to Wednesday’s run

Jeanne said she couldn’t imagine running 6 on a treadmill. Well I want to tell her, I couldn’t have done it without my little i-pod friend. (Memo to Matt:I’m completely and totally spoiled now, thanks, hunny!)

I was in a huge hurry when I wrote yesterday’s post because Chinese food was on its way. (I know, priorities.) But I left out a funny part regarding my run. I kept feeling like I was working slightly harder than I expected to. It was in my legs. I shrugged it off as “treadmill running must feel different to me now.” Around mile 5.5, I was flipping around on the controls to keep my mind off the clock and the distance and lo and behold I realized, I had been running on an incline THE WHOLE TIME. I had to laugh at myself. (And turn it down.)

So I got a little more than I bargained for, but it’s probably a good thing. There. I’m done now.

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Is 6 the new 3?

Call me a chicken, but I ran on the treadmill again tonight. Why? Because I freaked out and thought a thunderstorm was coming. It turns out the storm was actually moving AWAY from me, but whatever.

I completed my dreaded 6 miles on the treadmill. Six miles. Let’s see, that used to be the longest distance I had ever run. Now, it’s just an ordinary weekday run, no different than say, a 3? Crazy how this training thing works.

72 minutes
12 minute miles 1-3
11:32 minute miles 3-6
3 brief walk breaks


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I did it!

People, it looks like this marathon is possible afterall. Ok, I never had any doubts. (lielielie) But seriously I ran 16 miles (actually more like 16.5-17 because I got lost and had to retrack) this morning. I’m just out of the ice bath and shower and smell a lot better. Matt rode 16 miles as well. He did the first 8 kind of with me (he’d ride up a bit and wait) but after I showed him the way, he rode the rest of the ride full speed ahead and called me 30 minutes later to say he was finished. (Meanwhile, I still had 5 miles left!!!) Oh yes, I should add that we are huge dorks and had cell phones with us. And I loved running to the tunes. There were a couple of songs that seemed to play at just the right time to keep me motivated.

It was a MUD PIT out there on the trails. My shoes are trashed (appearance-wise as obviously, they still work.) and Matt’s bike tires are covered in mud. All of the recent rain in KC left the trails, wet and muddy. I have to admit that 10 more miles seems a bit daunting. That 16 took it out of me. Hopefully with one more long training run to go, I’ll be able to find the energy to finish strong (or at least finish). I may jump up to 20 in two weeks so that I can feel a little more confident at the marathon. We’ll see.

Here is my question, how do I clean my shoes without ruining them? Washing machine= bad?


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Matt bought me a new toy for tomorrow’s 16 mile run. Isn’t it the cutest thing? It’s all loaded up and ready to go. And now the question is, am I? Posted by Picasa


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Not exactly the morning I had in mind…

Last night I had the best intentions of waking up at 5 a.m., icing for 20, stretching for 10 and running by 5:30. I have an after-work event tonight to attend so I wanted to flip my running schedule. I was psyched. Sure enough, alarm went off at 4:30, snoozed twice and I was up and at ’em by 5. I was feeling pretty darned proud of myself. My plan was to take Tally for safety (I don’t like the thought of running alone in the dark.) I got her all leashed up and headed outside.

We started jogging and after about oh, 10 steps I saw it. A flash. Then I heard it. Boom. DAMN IT!!!! I thought, maybe I’m still a little hazy. So I kept going. Then another flash. BOOM. Ok, not happening. It wasn’t raining, but I am TERRIFIED of lightening. I bolted back inside, Tally was so confused.

Once inside, (now Matt was confused because I had woken him up with all my rattling around and getting Tally on the leash, excited puppy and all that…) I was pissed. I looked at the time: 5:33. I had to wait 27 minutes until the fitness center opened at my apartment.

So I sat and read some of your blogs and stretched some more. Then I went to the fitness center where I only had time to run 3 miles as opposed to 4.

As I ran on the treadmill (ew.) I saw the flashes of lightening and watched the local news talk about the thunderstorms. I was certainly content to be running inside as opposed to outside in the mess. But it really shook my plans, and I got up a half-hour earlier than I needed to.

Oh well, I’m still pretty happy to be running, even if it didn’t go as planned. I’ll probably be late to work too.


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