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Sometimes you surprise even yourself…

Last night I really had intentions of resting the knee/ankle etc… on the eliptical. But I got home and it just felt like a running night. Strange. But I wasn’t going to do the whole 4 miles because I wanted to rest my aches and pains. However, somewhere between mile 2 and 4 I gave up on that because I just ran the whole way…no walking breaks even…. it just felt great to run. I have no idea what my time/pace were because I didn’t calculate. But I do know that there are days when you surpass even your own expectations. Yesterday was one.


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I was just using it wrong!

It turns out tobacco isn’t all that bad?! Here’s good news for all the tobacco farmers in North Carolina where I used to work as a reporter. According to the Runner’s World Daily Tips today:

Training: Reduce inflammation and bruising with tobacco. Training expert Ed Eyestone recommends applying leafy tobacco, cooked into a poultice, to a sprained ankle, pulled muscle, or bruised toe, to reduce inflammation and bruising. Zap a few leaves in the microwave for a minute, drain the water, pile the leaves into a washrag, and apply them directly to the sprain or bruise overnight.

Now after all that fuss I made about quitting smoking for this marathon, now I find out the stuff is actually good for my aches and pains. Hmmph. Time to go grab a pack out of the freezer (I know, I know…emergency’s only!) and start unrolling it.

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I kept my end of the deal…

So, on Saturday, I made this little promise to my body that if I made it through my 13 mile run, I wuold give my knee/ankle etc…a well-needed break from high impact work outs. So, today was the eliptical. I know, it’s boring but at least I kept my end of the deal. Let’s see if my body remembers this come marathon day.


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Me: “Hey Josh, I got my bib number in an e-mail. It’s 187. Do you think that is the number of people who have enrolled in the Kansas City Marathon?”
Josh: “Do you know what 1-8-7 means?”
Me: “No. Is it good or bad?
Josh: “It depends on how you look at it.”
Me: “What does it mean!”
Josh: “It’s the police code for homocide.”

Ok, now I’m scared.


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This may come to a surprise to many of you, but up until about an hour ago, this little marathon thing I have been talking about wasn’t official. I hadn’t paid for it yet. I know, I know, procrastinator etc… But it’s one thing to go out and run, it’s another thing to pay for something. I mean think about it, now, there is no turning back. I hit submit. The Kansas City Sports Commission has my $65 and I officially have to run this thing. It’s set in stone. I’m locked in. There’s no turning back. Insert your favorite cliche here.

You know what’s funny? Instead of obsessing about ” can I run this thing?” “will I make it through training?” etc…, I’m more worried about whether or not I ordered the right t-shirt size. I think I changed my mind about 6 times before I hit the button.

Don’t laugh. It was a very important decision. That t-shirt is going to get a lot of mileage because you know what? I will be able to wear it and say, “I ran a marathon, see?”


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Here’s a statement: I have never sweat so much in my whole life. And that’s a huge statement for me to make considering, I’m a big on having sweaty work outs. (Ok, sweating isn’t like my favorite thing, but I am not one of those girls who can work out without sweating. I’m a heavy sweater.)

But today’s run surpassed any sweating I have ever experienced. I finally know what it feels like to be one of those athletes in the commercials with sweat pouring off of them because, folks, that was me. It was gross.

Oh, and I also ran 13 miles. Forgot that little detail. I’M HALF WAY THERE! And do you know what? I didn’t want to stop. I know. It’s strange. But I was kind of dissapointed when I saw my car.

That’s not to say the whole run was a piece of cake. Oh no. The first four miles were awful. I was having to get used to the sweat and I didn’t have any energy. At one point, I literally thought, I could lay down right now and take a nap. But no, I’m going to run 9 more miles! The first half of my run had more walking breaks. I just didn’t have a tempo going. But the second half, I rocked it out and the miles flew by. I ate two gus. (And honestly my second “good” half may be attributed to the energy they brought.)

I drank tons of water and gatorade. And I even tried to eat a salt packet, but it was all wet. (EVERYTHING in my bag, including the bag, was wet.) So I kind of tore it in half and got it all over my hand and licked it off. (Again, gross.)

The last half mile, I almost gained a furry running partner in the form of a large unleashed German Shepard who saw me and thought I was going to be his new best friend. He jumped on me, which normally would not bother me at all because I love dogs. But dude, I was on a ROLL. I didn’t have time to play with Fido. So I kind of looked at his owners like, are you going to do something about this dog? And they tried to call him back, but he wasn’t going. So I looked at him and said, GO BACK! And he did. Just call me the dog whisperer. (Or yeller?)

The best part was, I finished in 2:45:00 (not scientific b/c we are just talking about me looking at my cell phone when I start and when I finish) but that is still somewhat on target to do a 5- hour and some minutes marathon. Ideally, I’m thinking a 5-hour marathon would make me the happiest gal in the world. But also, just finishing my marathon will make me happy no matter what time it is. So, we’ll see.


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Got Jellybeans?

For those who hate sports gels, the famous Jelly Belly candy has created a bean just for athletes. Check out the new Sports Bean. Anyone tried these yet?

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