I hate the eliptical part 1

The eliptical is now my arch enemy for the following reasons:
1. I am forced to use it until my foot/ankle feels better (I know what you are thinking: I thought it was your ankle! Well now it’s both…more on that in a sec.)
2. My feet fall asleep when I use it (am I too fat? can I not bear the weight of my own body for periods of time?)
3. It represents the fact that I cannot run right now.

I’ve just spent 30 minutes feeling sorry for myself while gliding away on the rinky dinky eliptical machine at my apartment complex.

Yesterday, in addition to my ankle, I realized that my foot also hurts. (same leg) So basically I have random areas of pain from my toes to my ankle. Weird. It also was very swollen compared to my other foot. I started to “stress” out about the possiblity of having a stress fracture somewhere in my foot or ankle or both! (I can be very dramatic, I know.) Then, I got online and read about plantar fasciitis which is essentially pain in your arch area, which is where the pain in my foot is, but does not explain the ankle. I’m desparately hoping it is this because from what I read, I could train through this ailment. My worst, worst fear is a stress fracture.

SO, I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. Just my general practicioner, who I’m sure will just want to refer me on, but what I’m really hoping is that she can listen to my woes and say, “No, Stephanie, you don’t have a stress fracture. Yes, you can run your marathon. Carry on.” Basically, I really don’t give a flip what my “injury” is as long as I can still run on it.

If you are reading this and care, I’d love to have some good vibes or whatever sort of positve brain waves or hopes or nice thoughts you care to send my way.

Thanks for reading.


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2 responses to “I hate the eliptical part 1

  1. jeanne

    oh, good vibes all coming your way, so watch out!!

    This sucks!! This sucks bad. I hope your doc sends you to a sports doc right away. I hate to say it but I don’t think a GP is gonna have a clue… Can you call your training program and see if they have a list of suggested docs? I think I’d start with a podiatrist, but that’s just me. I had plantar fasciatis (fascists) once; ice on bottom of foot does wonders, plus stay off hard surfaces while running. Do you have any orthotics yet? You probably need them.

    And the elliptical makes my feet numb, and my lithe 18-year-old daughter’s feet numb too! I think it’s just the fact that you don’t move your feet at all that does it. It’s annoying.

    Hang in there and let us know what happens! And p.s. I think everything is a stress fracture, but (so far) nothing has been.

  2. Flatman

    Here’s hoping you feel better in no time!

    I don’t like those torture machines either…

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