A is for ankle and actually I didn’t run the whole way..

I want to say that making the decision NOT to run two laps around Shawnee Mission Park was the hardest decision ever. I was having a great run. I was conquering the hills, running without walking and exceeding my performance from my last run at the park. Somewhere around mile 4, I stopped to take a drink. About two steps into my walk, I felt my ankle throbbing. I knew it was tender, but I had no idea how much it hurt until I stopped running. I didn’t know what to do. There was no one to ask, should I keep going? Is this serious? All I knew was my ankle was seriously hurting. I ran another mile to my car, again, feeling strong, up hills etc… But as soon as I started walking again, the pain was back.

So, I made the decision. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to go another round. But I’ve heard that training is about getting to the marathon, not finishing a weekly run. I figured, that it was more important for me to heal for my 15 mile run next week, as opposed to running on it and injuring it further? (am I injured or is it just my tendons?) I’m so scared.

I’m also super depressed because I didn’t finish my 8-10 mile run (one plan I looked at said to run 8 this week, another said 10. I did about 5.) and my husband said I should have pushed through the pain. So now I don’t know what to think and I’m bummed.

In other news, I took pictures with my phone when I was running (I know, talents abound.) of the sun over the lake at Shawnee Mission Park and the birds (I think they were turkeys?) I scared off the road. I’ll put those up later today or tomorrow.

I hope you all had great runs and I hope I’m back in business next Saturday. Because the thing is, I was feeling pretty darned good otherwise….


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6 responses to “A is for ankle and actually I didn’t run the whole way..

  1. brent

    sounds like you made the right decision. people with more expertise will hopefully offer up some better advice than i. but i’d say its best to listen to those types of pains and do exactly what feel is best while keeping the long term goal in mind. here’s to NEXT saturday!

    i don’t know much about ankle pain or i’d help you out there.

  2. jeanne

    Hell yes, you made the right decision!

    You know I know what a bummer it is to not finish… but take this not finish now rather than not be able to do next week, or worse, getting a real injury that keeps you out of the game for a while!

    I don’t know anything about ankle pain, but I’d recheck your shoes, and if it doesn’t get better (of course you are icing it, right?), try a podiatrist. It could be you were running a little funny bcs you sensed something was wrong, and that threw off your gait.

    Who knows? This freakin’ training is like a rollar coaster!!

    Hang in there!

  3. jeanne

    and p.s. bad bad husband (can I say that?) Unless he’s running it, he shouldn’t be telling you which pain to push thru and which pain not to. It’s your body, and you don’t strike me as a lazyass, so if you end a run early, I’m sure you have pretty damn good reason (i’m sure he’s a great guy. really.)

    Try not to be depressed. You’ll be back in shape soon, IF you take care, I PROMISE!

  4. Stephanie

    Thanks Jeanne and Brent. And I don’t mean to make him sound like a bad guy because he is my number one fan. He was just in the Army where you work till you drop, so his perspective is a little different. I was just so confused about what to do this morning. I almost cried. (Ok, I did a little…)

  5. a.maria

    the only thing i can offer in advice, is what all other runners have told me…

    theres a difference besides pain and injury. run through the pain, but not the injury.

    as to whether or not its intense pain or injury i obviously have no way of telling, but if you thought it best to stop running, i’d go with it. having been training for a few months now, i think you’re probably pretty in tune with your body… dont second guess yourself!!

    but what do i know?! 😉

  6. Margaret Brocki

    I wanted to jump in as soon as I read your blog, to tell you to ice your ankle (ice in a ziplock, ziplock in a pillow case to make it easy)

    and to applaud you for the good sense not to hurt yourself by running on an injury

    and to tell you that no one else should second guess your pain and tell you to run through it

    all the other bloggers beat me to it and told you the very same things!

    You can always make up the miles, but if you make an injury worse, you will have to stop running.

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