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Ode to a Toe

Oh Toe, we knew not how much we needed you.
Oh Toe, we knew not the cumbersome trouble an ottoman could be.
Oh Toe, we shall wait eagerly for your healing.
Oh Toe, you shall not be forgotten.

Editor’s Note: Laura (my running partner) stubbed and broke her toe on an ottoman and will be out of commission for six weeks. I am heart broken, but thought her toe could use a little comic relief. If anyone knows of any running people in K.C. who can run a 12 minute mile for approximately 10 plus miles and is willing to train for a marathon with me, let me know.

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Hot Dog

Ok, it’s hot. I mean, it is really hot. I think this is the hottest I’ve had to run in. I was supposed to run 3 miles, but I think I only got about 2.5 in. I took Tally and she’s panting like crazy right now. My knee hurt quite a bit more today…not sure why…and I noticed I don’t like the way my shoes are wearing. Boy, I’m full of complaints.

I think I spent too much time today reading other marathoners’ blogs because all I could think of was all the other people would think of my work out. Am I doing enough? Too much? (yah right on that!)

My approach is based on the philosophy that I would rather be underprepared and show up on September 24th than train too hard and become injured and never make it. (Which, by the way, I’m more afraid of NOT making it than the actual marathon.)

Route: To the park…3 times around…back to the apartment.

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Bloggy Monday

This is the most I’ve ever blogged in one day, but for those of you who are here to follow my work outs, here is an update.

This evening I went to the fitness center at my apartment and elipticaled for 20 minutes, lifted weights and did sit ups/ leg squats.

Then, Tally and I went for a long walk. It felt really good to get a jump start on my work outs on a Monday. I’m still running high—literally— on knowing I ran 10 miles Saturday. By Wednesday, I’ll start fretting about 11…

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One of the things that is really terrific about training for a Marathon is the awe and respect I have for others who are able to accomplish great things. For me, my marathon is purely selfish. But for others, their achievements are in the name of great causes. My boss and my co-worker run marathons for the Leukemia Foundation.

And just yesterday, my friend, Erin finished a 3-day walk for breast cancer. The walkers were all over town this weekend and it was just amazing to think about how far they went. The Kansas City Star wrote an article about the walk.

I called Erin up this morning to find out all about her experience. She has a great attitude today, even though she admits to being in pain. Talking to Erin about her 60 plus mile journey not only inspired me that I can finish my marathon, it also reminded me that there are bigger goals out there than mine. Cheers.

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Breaking News

According to my boss, Laura and I actually ran 10 miles as opposed to 9 on Saturday. This is exciting and funny all at once.

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9 miles

No creative title today —it is what it is— 9 miles. It was quite the journey. Laura joined me. We enjoyed the varied landscape. While we saw no snakes, we did see some sort of a race going on in Corporate Woods. We joked that it would be funny if we crossed the finish line and had our picture taken. However, we still had 4.5 miles to go at that point!

My knee hurt a little, but it wasn’t too bad. Also I’ve been having heart burn lately and so that wasn’t too pleasant.

Also I ran by my boss (going the opposite direction) who is a master marathoner.

Side note: I wouldn’t recommend the watermelon ice gatorade to anyone.

Route: From Roe Park to Shannon Valley via the Overland Park Trails and back.

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Well, I ran 2 miles. So far, no pain —well, a tad bit, but not what I thought it would be. Let’s take a look at all the aids I utilized today. (overkill maybe? we’ll see…afterall, I still have a long ways to go.)

First, the knee strap.

Second, the insoles. (I had to replace my old insoles because of the blister.)

Third, the drugs. Thank you to Dr. Hicks for prescribing this for another ailment months ago.

Finally, the icepack. (That I plan on using once it has properly frozen in the freezer, underneath the Lean Cuisine.)

So, Tally is happy. I am happy and hopefully Laura will be happy that I’m going to try to stick it out for our 9 miles on Saturday.

Route: To Park, Around 1 time, home, ice

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