Switching it up a bit

So last night I opted to skip my 3 mile run in order to offer my husband a non-tired, non-post-run me. (The post-run me usually konks out and eats up precious evening time cooling down, blogging and showering.) So there you have it. I skipped a run. Whoop de do. We had a very lovely evening together, which in my book, was time well spent.

But wait…this morning (ah, you see, I’m no slacker!) I pulled myself out of bed at 5:15 a.m., to run at 5:45, when I decided the sun was up enough that I would feel safe. (I’m slightly neurotic about my safety.) Tally was a bit shaken from her usual morning routine, but seemed to adjust happily, tail wagging and all, when she saw me emerge in my running attire.

I’ve forgotten how nice it is to run in the morning. And now that I know it gets light early enough, I might shake it up more often.

This morning, I was feeling so enthusiastic that I decided to forgo my usual slow, but steady 11-12 min. mile pace, for a faster, slightly foreign pace that I must have stored within the confines of my muscles years ago when I attempted to run cross-country. Foreign is the word alright, I felt all sorts of speedy, but yet tired, clumsy and off-kilter. Tally didn’t seem phase which makes me wonder if I was going any faster at all (I don’t have a watch for running) and perhaps that it was my adjustment to the early run.

Anyhow, it’s over. Not quite 3 miles (fast run kicked my butt), but I must have done something right because I’m sweaty, hot and tired.

Route: To the park and two laps at super-speedy (ha) pace; 3/4 lap at slower, normal, sane pace and 1/4 lap walk; from park to home at speedy pace.

Number of rabbits attempted to chase: 2 (That was Tally’s count. She wanted you to know.)

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