Oh Pain…

Last night I was miserable. This is so silly because I’m not even close to the level of training I will reach in a few weeks. The blister on my right foot popped during my run and it is all scabby and red looking. Matt told me to put alcohol on it. YOWIE. I refrained, but decided peroxide would be my best bet, followed by neosporin. I have red chafing marks under my arms ā€” both sides.

I stood up this morning and heard snap, crackle, pop ā€” and it wasn’t my breakfast cereal. Have I mentioned that I am no where close to where I need to be yet and I’m already complaining? This is the reality of my world right now.

In other news, I spoke with Laura yesterday. Her toe is feeling better and she is considering jumping back into training in a few weeks. Even if she can’t run the whole amount of distance, I think she could run some of it with me.

One of the things that keeps me motivated is the rallying up of my friends for the day of the event. I’m really looking forward to everyone showing up and cheering me on. It’s like planning a party!

My friends Laura and Erin don’t know this yet, but I have a favor to ask of them on the day of the event, based on her blog. (Thanks so much for detailed recap of your marathon, Running Chick!) If Laura doesn’t run the marathon, I know she will be up to it, and obviously Erin can pretty much do anything. To be quite honest, Erin has the kind of energy I will probably need. Plus she will make me laugh, always. We’ll see what they have to see about my big plans here…


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7 responses to “Oh Pain…

  1. jeanne

    Two words: body glide. Get thee to a running store and get some of this stuff and glide it on wherever you chafed and blistered… it helps a LOT.

    Are you following a training program? Which one? I cannot IMAGINE training for a marathon without a program! I’m all about programs!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sarah

    Just found your blog via Naomi…and I quickly skimmed back through your archived posts. First, I’m by *no means* an expert/seasoned runner, but I always drain my blisters with a sterile needle, making a tiny, tiny hole on the side, pressing the fluid out into a tissue. Eventually, they’ll turn into calluses. Next…you probably have pretty new shoes, right? I’m assuming this because your boss/co-workers sound like hard-core runners and would have likely advised you that this was THE most important part of running šŸ™‚ But, if you don’t, I’d definitely recommend a trip to a local running store to be fitted for the correct shoes…it should help with the knee pain. Well, this is almost a post in itself!! I’ll be following along on your adventure šŸ™‚

  3. Stephanie

    Jeanne, Yes, I have been meaning to get body glide. I have it on my list for my next big run. My list, by the way, includes new running shoes, which I will either purchase this weekend or on the 15th depending on finances.

    Sarah, thank you so much for the shoe advice. Yes, my shoes aren’t “old” but I think they are wearing hard on one side, so I’m ready for some new ones. We have a great running store in town.

    Finally, I tried to post my excell spreadsheet of my program, but couldn’t. If anyone knows how to post such a thing, let me know. Copy and Paste didn’t work. My program is a cross between Hal Higdon and Team in Training programs. I didn’t like all the mid-week back to back running in Hal Higdon’s program, but I like the way he did his build up on the distance running. It’s similar to TNT, but slightly different.

    Anyone, feel free to weigh in, but I was nervous about running two days in a row during the week.

  4. Noames

    Oddly, I never had too many problems with blisters. Or rather, I got lots of blisters but they never bothered me too much. I was too busy whining about my knees or something. But I hear that good socks are the be-all, end-all of blisterdom.

    It’s really ALL about finding more ways to spend money on this new hobby. Why is everything so expensive? (sorry, a rant that is better suited to my own blog…)

  5. Stephanie

    Well put Naomi! I thought I was the only “cheap” runner out there. Ha.

  6. ZigKvetch

    Ouch! Poor you. I admire your stick-to-it-edness!

    I know this is supposed to be all about your marathon, but I am pretty much dying to see more Tally pictures. Would this be possible?

  7. Stephanie

    Zig, I will definately work on this request. Poor Tally, no one asked her if she wanted to “train for a marathon” with Mommy. And while she doesn’t run any more than 3 miles with me, sometimes I wonder if she’s like, “What the heck?”

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