On The Lone Again

I was really anticipating this morning’s run after Laura broke her toe. Knowing how hard it was last week to run 9 (10), made it hard enough to think about 11. But 11 alone? That seemed daunting.

So, I got a little bit of a later start than I had hoped. I dilly dallied on the computer with my gatorade and power bar this morning. Meaning, I hit the road at about 7:30 a.m., but I had to get gas and drive to my starting point. It was about 7:50ish by the time I got started.

It was weird to run through my childhood neighborhood, as I actually began at my childhood elementary school! I remember thinking, ok, this is going to be a long run alone. It was warm when I began. The smells on the trail around my neighborhood haven’t changed. I remember running on the path as an angsty teenager, so it was kind of fun to return as an adult.

The sun was blazing. I had on sunscreen, but we will see how well it worked. There were several times when I saw walkers or bikers and I thought, “Why can’t I be normal? Like them? This is insane.”

Other than that, all I can say is I ran for a long time. I had to use the bathroom at a park once and I refilled my gatorade with water once. There were a few lengthier walks than I would have hoped, but between my knee and the blisters that made a come back, I needed walking time. However, it dawned on me at one point, that the more I walked, the longer the whole thing would take, so I tried to keep the momentum up as much as possible.

I celebrated my finish by visiting the swings at my old elementary school. You are never too old to swing.

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  1. jeanne

    11 miles? You ran 11 miles on your own? In the heat? You are my hero. I would die die die, trying that! (I’m soooo dramatic.)

    I think it’s awesome. I would never ever have the willpower to do any of this without the motivation of having to raise money, plus the fear factor. Fear is the only thing that gets me outta bed in the morning…fear…if I miss this run, the marathon is ruined, and all my friends will just shake their heads and smirk.

    You go girl! and swing once for me!

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