One of the things that is really terrific about training for a Marathon is the awe and respect I have for others who are able to accomplish great things. For me, my marathon is purely selfish. But for others, their achievements are in the name of great causes. My boss and my co-worker run marathons for the Leukemia Foundation.

And just yesterday, my friend, Erin finished a 3-day walk for breast cancer. The walkers were all over town this weekend and it was just amazing to think about how far they went. The Kansas City Star wrote an article about the walk.

I called Erin up this morning to find out all about her experience. She has a great attitude today, even though she admits to being in pain. Talking to Erin about her 60 plus mile journey not only inspired me that I can finish my marathon, it also reminded me that there are bigger goals out there than mine. Cheers.

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