Not tonight, I have a headache (aka 3 miles)

After suffering through a bad headache all day that wouldn’t be touched by Advil, I decided to stick with my 3 mile run. It was really tough to force myself to go, but I did it. Tally and I ran three miles. (Tally loves my weekday runs because until I have to go more than 4 miles, she can usually join me. She even knows my running gear and even when she’s not invited, she jumps around thinking she can go on a run.)

Route: Home to park. Four laps (3= 1 mile). Back home.

Memo To: Lady in park with stroller

Please do not run straight at Tally and I when we are running. It is not funny to throw your stroller (with child in it) at my dog for a laugh. I don’t even see why you would think to do this. Why would you want to make my dog fear you, children or strollers? Are you sick?!


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