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Don’t tell me to look on the bright side

Somedays I wonder what am I trying to prove here. Here is my list of current complaints because that’s the kind of mood I’m in.
1. It was raining so I had to run on the treadmill
2.I forgot my knee brace
3. My knee hurt so bad, I could only run 2.5 miles
4. I feel incredibly guilty about this
5. I wonder how I’m ever going to make it 26.2

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Switching it up a bit

So last night I opted to skip my 3 mile run in order to offer my husband a non-tired, non-post-run me. (The post-run me usually konks out and eats up precious evening time cooling down, blogging and showering.) So there you have it. I skipped a run. Whoop de do. We had a very lovely evening together, which in my book, was time well spent.

But wait…this morning (ah, you see, I’m no slacker!) I pulled myself out of bed at 5:15 a.m., to run at 5:45, when I decided the sun was up enough that I would feel safe. (I’m slightly neurotic about my safety.) Tally was a bit shaken from her usual morning routine, but seemed to adjust happily, tail wagging and all, when she saw me emerge in my running attire.

I’ve forgotten how nice it is to run in the morning. And now that I know it gets light early enough, I might shake it up more often.

This morning, I was feeling so enthusiastic that I decided to forgo my usual slow, but steady 11-12 min. mile pace, for a faster, slightly foreign pace that I must have stored within the confines of my muscles years ago when I attempted to run cross-country. Foreign is the word alright, I felt all sorts of speedy, but yet tired, clumsy and off-kilter. Tally didn’t seem phase which makes me wonder if I was going any faster at all (I don’t have a watch for running) and perhaps that it was my adjustment to the early run.

Anyhow, it’s over. Not quite 3 miles (fast run kicked my butt), but I must have done something right because I’m sweaty, hot and tired.

Route: To the park and two laps at super-speedy (ha) pace; 3/4 lap at slower, normal, sane pace and 1/4 lap walk; from park to home at speedy pace.

Number of rabbits attempted to chase: 2 (That was Tally’s count. She wanted you to know.)

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Monday Blahs…

Well, I worked out, but barely. I walked Tally one mile (it was HOT.) And I eliptical trained for 20 minutes, followed by some free weights and squats. Oh well, tomorrow is a run day, and won’t that be fun in the heat? I may have to visit the treadmill. Now I’m off for the real workout: the dishes. Ugh.

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Oh Pain…

Last night I was miserable. This is so silly because I’m not even close to the level of training I will reach in a few weeks. The blister on my right foot popped during my run and it is all scabby and red looking. Matt told me to put alcohol on it. YOWIE. I refrained, but decided peroxide would be my best bet, followed by neosporin. I have red chafing marks under my arms — both sides.

I stood up this morning and heard snap, crackle, pop — and it wasn’t my breakfast cereal. Have I mentioned that I am no where close to where I need to be yet and I’m already complaining? This is the reality of my world right now.

In other news, I spoke with Laura yesterday. Her toe is feeling better and she is considering jumping back into training in a few weeks. Even if she can’t run the whole amount of distance, I think she could run some of it with me.

One of the things that keeps me motivated is the rallying up of my friends for the day of the event. I’m really looking forward to everyone showing up and cheering me on. It’s like planning a party!

My friends Laura and Erin don’t know this yet, but I have a favor to ask of them on the day of the event, based on her blog. (Thanks so much for detailed recap of your marathon, Running Chick!) If Laura doesn’t run the marathon, I know she will be up to it, and obviously Erin can pretty much do anything. To be quite honest, Erin has the kind of energy I will probably need. Plus she will make me laugh, always. We’ll see what they have to see about my big plans here…


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On The Lone Again

I was really anticipating this morning’s run after Laura broke her toe. Knowing how hard it was last week to run 9 (10), made it hard enough to think about 11. But 11 alone? That seemed daunting.

So, I got a little bit of a later start than I had hoped. I dilly dallied on the computer with my gatorade and power bar this morning. Meaning, I hit the road at about 7:30 a.m., but I had to get gas and drive to my starting point. It was about 7:50ish by the time I got started.

It was weird to run through my childhood neighborhood, as I actually began at my childhood elementary school! I remember thinking, ok, this is going to be a long run alone. It was warm when I began. The smells on the trail around my neighborhood haven’t changed. I remember running on the path as an angsty teenager, so it was kind of fun to return as an adult.

The sun was blazing. I had on sunscreen, but we will see how well it worked. There were several times when I saw walkers or bikers and I thought, “Why can’t I be normal? Like them? This is insane.”

Other than that, all I can say is I ran for a long time. I had to use the bathroom at a park once and I refilled my gatorade with water once. There were a few lengthier walks than I would have hoped, but between my knee and the blisters that made a come back, I needed walking time. However, it dawned on me at one point, that the more I walked, the longer the whole thing would take, so I tried to keep the momentum up as much as possible.

I celebrated my finish by visiting the swings at my old elementary school. You are never too old to swing.

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Ok, it’s easy to say, “Oh, I’m going to train for a marathon.” It’s fun to create a blog and feel really nice every time you run. It’s great to share your war stories with others you know are runners. And it’s heavenly to bask in the awe other non-runners have toward your goal. But the reality is it’s hard to make yourself stick to it.

The temptations of defeat usually begin early. (If you are a morning runner, it begins when your alarm goes off) For me it was an e-mail at about 9:20 this morning.

The e-mail read something like , “Hey, everyone we’re going here to grab a beer after work. It’s been a long week and we all need one.” Um. Yah.

So, I think, Oh, that would be great. But no, it dawns on me, I have to be outside running 3 miles in 90 degree weather while my colleagues are downing ice cold $1.50 beers. Ah, it’s all about sacrifices.

Meanwhile, Tally and I completed a succesful 3 miles. I brought the water bottle, which I usually don’t do on shorter runs, but it was too hot for her not to have any. Now we are going to lie on the couch and watch T.V.

The Route: Same ‘ole: To the park…4 laps…apartment

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Tally is a trooper. She just ran 3 miles. Posted by Hello

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Ode to a Toe

Oh Toe, we knew not how much we needed you.
Oh Toe, we knew not the cumbersome trouble an ottoman could be.
Oh Toe, we shall wait eagerly for your healing.
Oh Toe, you shall not be forgotten.

Editor’s Note: Laura (my running partner) stubbed and broke her toe on an ottoman and will be out of commission for six weeks. I am heart broken, but thought her toe could use a little comic relief. If anyone knows of any running people in K.C. who can run a 12 minute mile for approximately 10 plus miles and is willing to train for a marathon with me, let me know.

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Hot Dog

Ok, it’s hot. I mean, it is really hot. I think this is the hottest I’ve had to run in. I was supposed to run 3 miles, but I think I only got about 2.5 in. I took Tally and she’s panting like crazy right now. My knee hurt quite a bit more today…not sure why…and I noticed I don’t like the way my shoes are wearing. Boy, I’m full of complaints.

I think I spent too much time today reading other marathoners’ blogs because all I could think of was all the other people would think of my work out. Am I doing enough? Too much? (yah right on that!)

My approach is based on the philosophy that I would rather be underprepared and show up on September 24th than train too hard and become injured and never make it. (Which, by the way, I’m more afraid of NOT making it than the actual marathon.)

Route: To the park…3 times around…back to the apartment.

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Bloggy Monday

This is the most I’ve ever blogged in one day, but for those of you who are here to follow my work outs, here is an update.

This evening I went to the fitness center at my apartment and elipticaled for 20 minutes, lifted weights and did sit ups/ leg squats.

Then, Tally and I went for a long walk. It felt really good to get a jump start on my work outs on a Monday. I’m still running high—literally— on knowing I ran 10 miles Saturday. By Wednesday, I’ll start fretting about 11…

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